Above Ground Pool Decks - 3 Reasons to Start Building One Today

by Pool Builders on 07-04-2010 in Articles

Most families would not think twice about building a swimming pool for their homes but when it comes to above ground decks, most have doubts about its benefits. Let it be known that there are plenty of advantages attached to setting up an above ground pool deck for your home. Here are the best three reasons that should convince you to build one for your own!

1. Fun in the sun all year long
You probably won't be swimming in your pool as often during the colder months but above ground pool decks will help you fully utilize your pool area to the fullest. You've spent so much hard earned money to create a stunning pool that's the envy of your neighbors and yet you can hardly enjoy it fully. An above ground pool deck gives you more space to play with so that you can enjoy reading or even having cozy meals by the poolside - even when it's cold outside. Add a prefabricated fireplace to your outdoor pool and your family members will love hanging out there with their friends!

2. Themed parties
Ever wanted to hold parties that everyone won't forget in a hurry? With above ground decks, you are sure to charm the socks off everyone with your themed parties in style! Whether it is a Tiki-themed party with Tiki torches and a full buffet spread, or a luau with dancing girls in grass skirts, your pool parties will surely make you the talk of town in no time.

3. Reinforced safety
Safety is a vital aspect when it comes to building an outdoor pool. You certainly don't want to constantly worry about kids or your family pets accidentally falling into the water. Above ground decks come with optional safety gate to prevent unwarranted accidents, so this safety feature should be the first thing in your mind when it comes to installing a pool deck!

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