Above Ground Pool Decks - Can You Really Install One Yourself?  

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2009 in Articles

How many times have you brought something home from the store that had to be put together at your home only to discover that you have bought into a nightmare? In the end you either have to pay someone to build the damn thing or it never does get completely put together.

Can It Really Be Done?

So now the makers of new above ground pool decks are trying to convince you that you can "in fact" install a complete pool deck even if you have never picked up a saw or a hammer in your life! It just sounds too good to be true.

The Real Scoop On Above Ground Pool Decks

Even then, even if you could do the job, which is a long shot, its going to end up taking up a months worth of weekends, or is it? So whats the real scoop on these new prefabricated above ground pool decks?

Can You Operate a Screw Driver?

The truth of the matter is that you need not have previous construction experience because only the top decking is made from wood. Even then, all of the cuts are already made and all the holes have also been drilled. So if you can operate a screw driver, you do have the experience that is required.

Not One Trip To a Hardware Store

Everything comes complete in the above ground pool deck package, so there is no need to make even one trip to the hardware store. That eliminates that problem. Also the underpinning that the above ground deck sits on is made entirely from coated rust resistant metal.

It's Basically One Big Puzzle

It's basically a big puzzle that is held together with screws nuts and bolts. Sure it's a big project as household projects go but if you can follow the instructions to put a model together, you can easily follow the instructions that come with your above ground pool deck.

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