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by Pool Builders on 07-05-2011 in Articles

Filters are very important for pool sanitation, as a pool pump circulates the water within and out of pool the filter strains different types of impurities the pool water may have. Above ground pool filters are quite common for the task and numerous people depend on these filters for the filtration of pool water. Water passes through the filter, the filter carriages holds debris and contaminants in it and let the water pass through without such impurities. These carriages are required to be clean, therefore, are required to be replaced after certain time to achieve purity and cleanness at optimum level.

The size of your pool is a key consideration for choosing or buying filters, if you don't have expertise and enough to deicide what kind or size of filter is best for the pool size you have, there is nothing to worry about, because normally you get all useful information regarding such technicalities by the person who it at the store. It is better to take specification of your pool with you so that the salesperson can help you accordingly. If you are going to have a new pool, particularly above ground pool, you are mostly offered above ground pool filter as well that goes with the pool model you are interested in.

Besides other, there are three type of above ground pool filters that are most common and widely use worldwide. First is cartridge filters; second is diatomaceous earth filters and the third sand filters.

Cartridge filters are quite known and consider as more effective than sand filters. The reason is these cartridge filters can easily be used in larger area of the surface than sand filters. They can hold even tiniest particles of debris or any other impurities in the water effectively. Another advantage of cartridge filters over sand filters is they are quite capable of heavy filtration in one shot that a sand filter may achieve in two to three times.

Diatomaceous earth filters are also use widely worldwide, it is also considered as one of the best filtration options by pool owners. The porous power is used to filter water; powder contains microscopic openings from them the water can easily through, but all debris or other impurities stuck within those microscopic holes. The power of diatomaceous earth filtration system can be best deride by the help of a microscope, as it can prevent debris or other impurities of sizing as small as two microns back into the water.

Sand filtration systems are perhaps the oldest pool water filtration systems yet widely used all over the world today. The process of sand filtration is the pool water is passed through the filter from top to bottom, and at the button drain lets the sucked water back to the pool. As water passes through sand filter the pre-fitted slots prevent sand's particles entering into the pool. The sand bed also holds other contaminants entering back into the pool, that allows clean and purified water in your swimming pool. Especial sand called silica is used for filtration process that can be cleaned as the waster flow is revised back into the filter.

These three types are also famous the in-ground pool filters, but people prefer to have above ground pool filters as they are more economical and they can easily installed and most importantly they are easy to operate and maintain. Without a doubt, if you have the right and adequate knowledge about pool you can easily maintain your swimming pool. Similarly if you have deep knowledge about different types for filters available in the market, it would be lot easier for you to decide which filter type is the best for the pool you have at home. Basic knowledge regarding different types of swimming pool filters is necessary for everyone who owns a pool, so that you could have conducive and safe pool at your place. Above ground pool filters are the best option for any type and size of swimming pool, they are less expensive, can easily be installed or operated and need least supervision or skills.

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