Above Ground Pool Heater - Extend Your Pool Session Beyond Summer

by Pool Builders on 03-27-2010 in Articles

An above ground pool heater can extend your swimming pool season beyond summer. Whether for fun or fitness, you would always want the temperature of pool water to be warm and comfortable. Diving in a pool of cold water surely can spoil a fun party or ruin a relaxing dip. Pool water temperature is maintained at humanly comfortable levels by an above ground pool heater to make sure that you make the most out of your swimming season.

When you have invested in an above ground swimming pool, you should consider investing in a heater as well to get the most out of your pool. There are three options you may want to evaluate. The right choice means that the type of heater suits your needs in terms of initial cost, pool usage, maintenance and operating cost and the type of fuel or energy required to generate heat.

Initially, a gas-fired above ground pool heater is the most affordable and inexpensive unit available in the market. However, operation, maintenance and repair can be very costly. If this is your pool heater of choice, it is recommended that you purchase a high efficiency gas-fired above ground pool heater. Advances in technology and mechanical engineering have produced more efficient gas heaters. The efficiency will eventually decrease but these units can last up to five years until it needs to be replaced.

A gas-fired above ground pool heater can raise pool water temperature rapidly. This type of heater is ideal for vacation homes or less frequently used swimming pools since there is no need to maintain warm water temperature all the time. Regardless of weather, a gas-fueled above ground pool heater can heat pool water quickly.

An energy and cost efficient above ground pool heater is a heat pump. Initial cost will vary but in general would be more expensive than gas heaters. With a heat pump application, heat is transferred from the surrounding air to the pool water. This type of heater uses a refrigerant compressor performing a typical air-conditioning cycle in reverse. Maintenance cost is not as expensive as maintaining a gas heater. A heat pump can continue to heat pool water as long as the ambient air is at least 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that water can still be heated even without sunshine.

The third type of above ground pool heater would be solar-powered. Purchase and installation cost may be expensive but operating and maintenance cost is very minimal. This is also considered the most efficient, environment-friendly option. It uses up renewable energy from the sun. Heat is absorbed from the sun using solar panels. Collected heat in these solar panels is transferred to the water as it passes the heat exchanger. The challenge with solar heaters is that it requires space to install solar panels, typically proportional to the pool size. Also, in regions where there is limited sunlight, a solar-powered heater may not be a suitable option.

An above ground pool heater will add more weeks to your swimming pool season. Depending on your usage and personal preferences, there is one that will best suit your needs.

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