Above Ground Pool Heaters - The Best Above Ground Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 07-30-2008 in Articles

Are you trying to get your above ground pool up to a good swimming temperature so you and your family can enjoy it throughout the swimming season? There are a few options you have for above ground pool heaters, but there is only one that works great during the season and there is only one way to extend your swimming season by a few months. Here is what to do.

First, your options are a solar heater, electric heater, and gas heater.

The gas heater is great for getting your pool to be warm in a hurry. However, this will make your energy bill skyrocket and the cost will be enormous compared to that of any other heater. Plus the upkeep is not cheap either.

The electric heater is a good options, although it will take longer to get your pool good and hot and you will notice a spike in your electric bill. This will also cost you a pretty penny for the upkeep as well.

The solar heater is your best and cheapest option, but there is one draw back. It will do nothing for you when the sun goes down or when the clouds are blocking the sun. However, the upkeep is minimal and there will be only a slight change in your electric bill to run the pump.

So the best option for the swimming season is the solar heater, which you can actually make yourself, if you are creative and a bit mechanical. This will get your pool water to the mid 80s pretty easily and will help you gain about a month at the end and beginning of the swim season.

Now if you want to really extend your swim season with above ground pool heaters, then you need the solar heater for during the day and either an electric or gas heater for at night. Doing this will allow you to heat your water all day and night and will allow you to extend your swimming season until the first snow fall.

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