Above Ground Pool Installation And Upkeep Recommendations.  

by Pool Builders on 05-07-2012 in Articles

Should you be preparing to purchase an above ground swimming pool, or simply want to consider the possibility thereof, then there are a number of things you need to know. First time owners of above ground swimming pools usually find it challenging to install and preserve them. This is purely due to a lack of expertise regarding above ground pools.

In this short article I really hope to pass on some essential knowledge by addressing a few of the installation and maintenance problems, leaving you with much more time for you to appreciate your newly purchased above ground pool along with your friends and family. So let us get started.

Considering that your above ground pool will likely be utilized by the whole family, including them in the conversations and decisions relating to the placement of the pool would be a good idea. Make sure to have a responsible individual on site during installation to check that the swimming pool and filter are put in the right location.

It will be best to get the above ground swimming pool as well as the sand required brought to you a few days ahead of the actual installation day. Have the sand dropped as near as possible to the region where the pool is going to be placed, but not inside of the pool area.

You are going to require an electrical supply at the pool, so make sure that this is completed as soon as the pool has been installed. Please note that electrical extension cords can cause damage to the pool pump.

Usually swimming pool installers do not get rid of the extra dirt from the site, so think about reusing it in another region of the yard. When you have received your above ground swimming pool, study through all of the directions and warnings meticulously.

In order to avoid sand and dust from entering your swimming pool when you first start up the pump after putting in new filter sand, use the backwash cycle for 1 minute before running it on filter cycle. As a way to avoid leaks, use Teflon tape on all the threaded fittings.

Never over tighten the filter fittings and pressure gauge. This tends to cause damage to the filter head. With all the expansion and contraction of the hose, clamps might work their way loose. Always check and retighten the hose clamps and fittings a few days after the first installation.

Always add chlorine to your above ground pool immediately after sundown. This will produce the most effective results. Employing a solar cover on cold evenings will keep your pool heated and lengthen your swimming season. Your solar blanket will need to be protected from direct sunlight when it is not being used. Do not leave it on your lawn as this may harm your grass.

Making use of a long backwash hose will help eliminate extra water around the swimming pool area. Your pool will definitely gather leaves and debris, so allow debris to flow towards the skimmer by creating a circular motion. This can be accomplished by adjusting the water return eyeball.

Updating your filter sand each alternative season will deliver the most effective outcomes. Using algaecide will help stop the development of algae. Weightier vacuum heads demand much less applied pressure and make vacuuming simpler and faster.

For maximum filter efficiency, position the filter system as near to the swimming pool as possible. Do not be satisfied with a substandard filtration system. The better the filter, the less time you will have to dedicate to maintaining your above ground pool.

I trust that this short article has answered all of your installation and maintenance questions regarding above ground swimming pools. For more information, above ground pool prices, or to purchase above ground pools, visit http://www.aboveground-swimming-pools.com.

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