Above Ground Pool Ladder - Stepping Into Your Pool in Style

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2010 in Articles

An above-ground swimming pool is an inexpensive way of beating the summer heat. Compared to an inground swimming pool, an above-ground type costs less and takes only a few hours to install. It has gained popularity as it gives so much fun and entertainment value for less.

There are different ways of building an above-ground pool. Regardless of how it is built, it would require an above-ground pool ladder to provide swimmers access.

For example, a deck ladder is specifically made for a deck around the pool. This type of above-ground pool ladder is made of steel, stainless steel or hard plastic. A deck ladder allows users to descend from a deck outside of the pool walls. A deck can be built around the perimeter partially or fully covering the walls. The above-ground pool ladder specially made for this structure usually has two handrails with steps ranging between three and five. Handrails are fastened to the deck by bolt.

There is also another type of above-ground pool ladder that looks like a staircase. Some users may not be comfortable with using ladders. Compared to a deck ladder, the stairs type of above-ground pool ladder is more secure and comfortable. Handrails are built like those of deck ladders but would extend up to the last step which is at the bottom of the pool. This is ideal for older swimmers and those with injuries, making access easy and safe.

Have you ever been to a wedding reception? You may have seen how a wedding cake looks like. There is an above-ground pool ladder that resembles a wedding cake and rightfully so, is called the wedding cake steps. The tiered steps that look like a wedding cake lead pool users from the deck to the bottom of the pool. A handrail made of metal is installed to provide stability to pool users. The first step from the top is the smallest tier and it begins at the surface of the water. As the steps go lower, the tiers get bigger until it reaches the bottom of the pool.

In cases where in the above-ground pool does not have a deck, an A-frame ladder is exactly what you need. The shape of the ladder resembles the letter A. This is designed to fit over the pool wall of an above-ground swimming pool. Since there is no deck around the pool perimeter, the pool user climbs up the ladder from the bottom of the pool wall exterior. Upon reaching the top of the pool wall, the pool user then descends on the other side of the ladder. An A-frame above-ground pool ladder is usually made of strong plastic materials. The ladder has a capacity to bear as much as two average-weight people.

Perhaps the safest type of above ground swimming pool ladder is the pool entry system. It is a ladder system that utilizes stairs on both sides. There are handrails that lead from the bottom of the pool exterior up to the edge of the pool wall and down to the bottom of the pool water.

I would recommend that you consult with a pool dealer in your area.

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