Above Ground Pool Liners Aren't What They Used to Be  

by Pool Builders on 06-27-2008 in Articles

For decades virtually all above ground pools came with one standard color of pool liner and that was blue. While the sturdy vinyl above ground pool liners were durable and attractive, it was only in recent years that the manufacturing technology was developed to in fact, make them even more sturdy and attractive. How attractive? They now come in a super wide assortment of incredible designs that completely change the total effect that an above ground pool now has on a backyard.

A Tropical Lagoon

For instance, if your pool is the main component of a kids backyard playground, then just imagine how much more fun they will have diving into the pool after it has been converted into a tropical lagoon. New choices in tropical lagoon motif above ground pool liners now feature a myriad of amazingly colorful fish and seaweed that festoon the sides, while stones and coral line the bottom.

Incredible Colors

Of course they all aren't real but but they look as real as you can get. Also, a swim mask and snorkel are a must for one of these pool liners that will convert your pool into a tropical fantasy pool. Also because everything is actually embedded right into the pool liner, the colors are resistant to fading and should last the lifetime of the pool.

Authentic Looking Faux Ceramic Tile

If you are interested in a more "contemporary look in your above ground pool liner, you won't be disappointed with the multitude of choices that are available for you to select from. For instance, any one of the faux ceramic tile designs duplicate the actual look of authentic tile so accurately that even upon close up inspection it is difficult to tell if it is real or not.

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Pool

Even the recessed white grout lines look amazingly authentic, but unlike real cement grout, the vinyl grout lines don't deteriorate. In fact, all of the new decorative vinyl pool liners are almost maintenance free, so instead of spending your time working on your pool, you can relax and enjoy it.

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