Above Ground Pool Pump – What Is It?  

by Pool Builders on 05-03-2012 in Articles

An above ground pool pump is important since it keeps your swimming pool. Good above ground pools pumps will help clear out any debris crawling in your pool such as grass, twigs and others. It works by cleaning the pool through the use of a screen while the water is being circulated. The pump pool functions primarily by making use of a centrifugal force through a impeller.
The impeller that rotates causes a centrifugal force which is a requirement needed in order for the pump pool to function. The pump pool comes in two kinds of speeds. They are single and dual pump pool speeds. The dual speed is often the most preferred in places with bigger swimming pools such as the ones that you see in resorts.
Much of the United States passed a mandate that makes it a requirement for all pools, whether they are above or below ground, to have a good filtering system. They filtering system is a tool that keeps the swimming pool thoroughly clean. Each system includes a vacuum. These days there are different kinds of vacuums available. Before you buy one, you should ask help from an expert or a sales person to know which kind is appropriate for your kind of pool.
Moreover, your filter system will need to have strainers and essential chemicals as well as chart to help track of your cleaning and disinfection times of your swimming pool. The above ground pools pumps job is to help effectively circulate the water in your pool. The pump pool circulates the water through a filter and heat system. If your pump pool correctly fits and the filter system runs perfectly fine then you can maintain an energy efficient system while at the same time, saving up on costs.
The Hayward Power FloLX series above ground pool pump is ideal for your pool cleaning needs. Priced at $165, the pump pool is durable and is rust proof. It runs on a heavy and reliable motor that resists extreme heat. Its other features include:
€ A 1 horsepower
€ Consists of a pump strainer that functions at high performance specifically designed for above ground pools
€ Drip proof and resistant to extreme hot temperatures with a double sized seal that promotes a longer running engine life
€ Runs at 1 to 1 horsepower
€ Features a self-priming 1 inch intake and discharge with a top performing impeller
€ Packaged with six foot power cord
€ Has thermoplastic housing that is corrosion proof and durably reinforced to resist any weather condition
€ Operates silently
The Pentair Dynamo above ground pool pump is currently valued at $225. The pump pool consists of a strong fiber glass component that equates to long lasting strength and durability. It also consists of:
€ A strainer lid with a big handle which facilitates for easy access to the strainer basket
€ An big strainer basket that extends time in between cleaning
€ Unique components for the pump pool to give superb pressure across various water rate low
€ Can be used in any above ground swimming pools
€ Runs at 1 horsepower engine
€ Weighs at 37 pounds

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