Above Ground Pool Solar Heaters Could They Be Definitely Worth The Expense?   

by Pool Builders on 02-22-2011 in Articles

Any above ground swimming pool is really an investment. It may not be as costly as an inground swimming pool nevertheless it still provides the very same kind of fun and enjoyment for the family. To obtain additional mileage from your investment, you try to lengthen ones swimming pool season further than the summer season. You can keep your swimming pool water warm and comfortable just by installing a swimming pool heater. Nobody wants to dive right in to a swimming pool and then notice that water is way too cold for comfort.

Heightened awareness of the actual environment as well as energy charges has led to a lot more interest in above ground pool solar heaters. Heating a considerable amount of water may consume a considerable amount of energy. Solar powered energy coming from the sunlight won't cost a good deal as it's free of charge. At the same time, it doesn't harm the environment since any above ground pool solar heater uses renewable energy.

A above ground pool solar heater helps to keep your swimming pool water warm the entire swimming season with negligible energy costs. It's an excellent alternative for water heating that's not heavy on your power bills. To start with it may cost more as compared with some other above ground pool heaters for example gas heaters and also heat pumps nevertheless, you get more cost benefits in the end. You will get your return of investment within 5 years because you are spared from your electric bills. By using proper care, an above ground pool solar heater can last as much as fifteen years.

So how exactly does an above ground pool solar heater do the job?

Solar powered energy acts as fuel to heat ones pool water. An above ground pool solar heater uses a swimming pool water pump to circulate water. This pool pump is already an integral part of the pump and pool filter system of a pool. Solar powered energy will be collected by solar panel systems. Solar panels are typically installed upon rooftops because the area required is equivalent to your pool area. In some instances, solar panels can be set up in other areas which may have far better exposure to natural light.

These solar panel systems energize the heat exchanger where water is diverted after flowing through the filtration system. Warmer water returns to your pool up until the preferred heat range is reached. After the temperature setting is achieved, water flow bypasses the actual solar energy collectors and would just circulate through the filtration unit.

Temperature of water is generally controlled utilizing either a manual or automated system. Both choices are appropriate for an above ground pool solar heater. A manual unit provides users a choice of turning the above ground pool solar heater on and off using a valve or diverter. An automatic unit is comparable to a thermostat in your air-conditioner as well as refrigerator. Simply set the desired temperature of your swimming pool water. All you have to do next is dip down into ones own pool and enjoy.

Utilizing a swimming pool cover is recommended to lessen heat loss. This can be yet another way of saving water because it prevents evaporation. In less warm months, a swimming pool cover will help keep your water temperature warm.

A above ground pool solar heater is an investment that will supply you with value for money for the long term. Moreover it adds value to your home.

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