Above Ground Pool Types  

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It is very exciting to have swim and fun in the pool especially in the days of summer season. It is very relaxing so buying a pool can be an extremely pleasing experience for you. The market is full with a wide variety of pools so you need to select a right choice according to your house. The most common is the above ground pools as these can be afforded by any individual. Moreover they can be installed easily within hours or days. The installation of a pool can turn the backyard of your home into a paradise. Although the market is full with a wide variety of above ground pools but the pools with soft and hard sides are most popular of the all.

Hard Sides
The pools with hard sides are made of metals and are available in oval and round shapes. Their walls are flexible and a metal sheet is lined on top to make it more strong and durable. The water is kept in pool and a liner is attached on top of the pool to make it harder and tougher. The preparation area for such pool is not easy so it can take enough time. They can have more wear and tear than the soft sided pool. They are available in different depths and the normal is 4 feet.

Soft Sides
The pools having soft sides can be afforded easily as compare to the hard sided pools. Talking about the quality they can be compared with each other. These pools are available in rectangular shapes but can be found in circular shapes as well. They are inflatable and a metal frame supports the wall of the pool. It is very flexible to prepare space for the installation of soft sided pools. They can be placed on different kinds of surfaces such as sand, dirt, gravel, grass and concrete. There are people who say that they are skeptical due to soft walls but actually they are hard enough. The material used in their formation is similar to the material used in the formation of bullet proof vests. You just need a few hours to assemble them and can be stored away in cold times.

Above ground pools are portable so they can be moved from one place to the other. The portable pools can be transported easily and installed at your required place easily. These pools can have many people at a time so they are designed in large sizes. They come in elliptical shapes and suitable for small places. The can be used if you want to maintain the pool after a long term. These pools can be moved from one house to the other when you change your house. You can also bring above ground pool with you so they are installed accordingly. You can install these pools in your backyard or on the roof on temporary basis and when you are on the move then you can move it along you or destroy it.

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