Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Features

by Pool Builders on 01-13-2009 in Articles

As the temperatures drop and, in some cases, the snow begins to fall, owners of above-ground pools can relax knowing they are well-covered! By simply following a few pointers, the purchase and installation of the right one will add years to the life of the pool while making the opening easier at the same time.

These come in two main types: standard and skirted. Regardless which variety is chosen, the quality of fabric is extremely important. Typically the material used is a heavy-duty woven polyethylene. The material may also feature a triple laminated inner scrim which is then layered with a weather resistant coating. This extra layer is designed specifically to provide protection from inclement weather and sun damage. It is also best if it is cut from extra-wide fabric which then requires fewer seams making it stronger and less susceptible to tearing. Finally, the very best manufacturers will heat-seal the seams, rather than sewing the seams, resulting in less water leaking through during the winter.

Another common characteristic of quality fabric for above ground pool winter covers is a black underside. This feature works by preventing sunlight from passing through and thus slowing the growth of algae which is dependent on light to live. An additional benefit of this tight fabric is its ability to keep debris and leaves from building up during the off-season. When spring arrives, the cover can be removed and the basin will be much cleaner.

After the quality of the fabric has been determined, a decision has to be made on style. Above ground winter pool covers need to be bigger than the pool itself. Overlaps are important as the extra fabric offers extra slack during windy weather, improving the durability yet again. Ordering the right size is extremely important .A skirted variety will take the basin measurement and then sew the "skirt" to the main part. The skirt provides the necessary overlap needed for protection from the elements.

Equipment is readily available for installation including clips and cables. Clips attach to the top rails and prevent covers from unfastening during bad weather. The skirted type comes with a cable and small loops that attach to the uprights. The cable can then be run through the loops and the cover, enabling it to be completely secured. In both cases, much debris, dirt and leaves are kept from getting underneath.

Lastly, many owners will enlist an additional method of protection: the water bag, or water pillow. These items are made of heavy duty plastic and are designed to lie on top of the fabric around the inside edge to secure it in place. Each bag has a leak-proof valve and a reinforced hole to tie the bags and allow them to hang inside on the wall. For those who want true peace of mind, this is an inexpensive step to add.

From an owner's perspective, a huge asset of this product can be that despite being made from heavy-duty, exceptionally long-lasting material, they are very lightweight and easy to handle. So, pool owners are really "covered" - protection from weather, easy spring clean-up and ease of installation - it's time to start shopping!

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