Above Ground Pools - Security Tips  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

If you are going to have an above ground pool installed in your yard then the onus is on you to make sure that it is securly enclosed and protected from stray kids. There is no more better an attractant for young children than a standing body of water and you will be amazed at how determined they can be.

A Nice Fence

Of course, no mater where you live there will be an ordinance in place that requires that you have a fence around your pool. If at all possible, install a fence that can't be seen through such as a wooden fence. Chain link works great but it can be seen through and is easily climbed.

A Safe and Secure Gate

A smooth functioning self closing gate is a must. Also make sure that any latch that is on the gate is high enough to be out of the reach of tiny hands. Also, there is a wide selection of simple to install and operate gate alarms that you can buy online for very little money now.

Motion Sensors Now Cheaper then Ever

On the same note: You may be surprised at how inexpensive it now is to have a top notch motion sensor security system in your yard. Components that used to cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars are now available for as little at twenty dollars from overseas suppliers.

A Sturdy Pool Cover

If you live in a cold climate then a pool with a frozen surface is a death trap. Definitely consider purchasing a nice pool cover that will support the weight of a child. Besides, it will also help to keep debris from blowing into your pool also.

A Folding Security Pool Ladder

A fold up pool ladder is still one more line of defense. Today there is a wide choice of styles to choose from and they all are smooth functioning. Simply fold it down when you are ready to use your pool and flip it up when you are done.

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