Above Ground Pools - Tips for Keeping Them Safe  

by Pool Builders on 02-26-2009 in Articles

It's a fact that a pool that has no security measures in place can be a very dangerous place. The problem is that kids can wander in when you are away or asleep in your home and that is when trouble can occur. The good news is that there are now a wide variety of very affordable security items that you can use to make your above ground pool perfectly safe.

Simple Floats and a Pole

Of course keep a good supply of floats handy and even if your children can swim, keep a strap on back float or two around for young kids that may find themselves in your pool from time to time.

Also make sure that you have a skimmer on a long pole handy and ready to use.

A Safe Gate

Make sure that the latch on your gate is smooth functioning so it closes securely every time. Also make sure that the latch itself is positioned high on the gate, out of reach of small children's hands. You can also purchase a simple to install and use gate alarm for as little as $20 online now.

High Tech Security Options

If you are interested in going high tech, there are many cheap and easy to install systems that you can buy online. There are even wireless motion detector units that you can purchase for around $100 or even less. Simply plug it in and the alarm will sound day or night if anyone goes near your pool.

Ladders and Pool Covers

Fold up security ladders and pool covers come in a wide range of prices and styles. They are now much easier to install and use and can make all the difference in the world should a young child find his or her way into your yard when you are away.

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