Above Ground Pools - Veering Away From the Traditional

by Pool Builders on 04-13-2010 in Articles

Sometimes you just wished you had a swimming pool at home especially during summer. The high cost of your traditional in-ground equipment, installation cost, operating and maintenance costs may get in the way and may somehow dampen your hopes of swimming right in your backyard. However, there are above-ground pools that are inexpensive and can offer the same fun and enjoyment for your family.

Above-ground pools provide a good alternative to the more permanent and more costly in-ground pools. To give it a more cozy and permanent feel, decks are usually constructed around the walls of the above-ground pools to cover the entire pool perimeter or just part of it.

Above-ground pools have gained popularity in the last several years. As earlier stated, kits for above-ground pools and installation can cost less than the traditional pools built inground. On top of cheaper installation costs, the time required to set up above-ground type takes only a few hours. At the most, installation can take a few days, but definitely not weeks or months like it does for the traditional inground swimming pool. You can either hire a professional or you can install one on your own, although I really think you can do it by yourself.

There is a variety of designs that you can choose from. Above ground pools come in different forms, shapes, sizes and depths. These are also moveable in case you would need to move from one place to another. This is one of the factors for such popularity among homeowners.

Maintenance cost for above-ground pools is inexpensive and simple. A good filter and pump system will keep the water free from dirt, debris and other undesired substances. An automatic chlorine dispenser or chlorinator will sanitize the water to make sure that virus, bacteria and other contaminants are neutralized. A suitable heater is also recommended to provide warm and comfortable water to swimmers. Heaters can also extend your swimming season outside of summer. To maintain heat in above-ground pools, you would need to use covers too.

Ladders will also play a major role in pool safety. Ladders provide safe access to users climbing up and down the pool. There are different types of ladders that you can choose from depending on the construction of your pool. Pool ladders not only provide access to swimmers as these provide maintenance personnel or pool cleaners safe access to the pool even when it is empty of water.

In some states, permits may be required of homeowners to install a pool even for inflatable above-ground pools. Regardless of the type you have, there may be safety rules in effect in your particular state. It is recommended that you check prior to building your own pool at home. There are certain states that require building fences and installing alarms around the pool for safety.

In case you consider installing your own pool at home, you may want to opt for a less costly system. With less impact on your family budget, you can still yield the same results of fun and enjoyment throughout swimming season.

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