Above Ground Pools - What You Need to Know

by Pool Builders on 04-14-2010 in Articles

A swimming pool in summer, in your own garden or yard is an untold boon! However, not many of us can afford one or so we think. All we know is that to build a pool will cost an enormous amount of money and with the kids in school and endless things to buy and do around the house it has to remain a dream. Not so! You should read this article to learn all about above ground pools and how you can get one at a very reasonable price.

You have many factors to consider when planning to get a pool. Some research is recommended before you go any further. You have to think of the budget, the space you have available to house the pool, and the size of the pool that can be comfortably accommodated in your yard. Will you want to look at above ground pools with decks or without decks, here again space is a deciding factor, as well as pool maintenance and the cost of other pool accessories like the pump, filters, ladders, etc. Don't let the list scare you off, it might be long but it is not all that expensive.

Some of the questions you need answers for, in relation to your above ground pools research will include the following:

- How much will the above ground pool cost?
- How much will wrap around and free standing decking for this pool cost?
- Will you need to do any landscaping or ground preparation before installing the pool?
- What sort of pool maintenance will be required and what will be the cost?
- What sort of accessories come with above ground pools and what do you need to invest in, over and above the cost of the pool itself?

Now let's plunge right into finding out all we can about above ground pools. These pools are the least expensive and you can purchase either a hard sided or soft sided pool. These pools do not require any digging or construction work, though you should note that the hard sided pools will require some amount of ground preparation before installation. Both types of above ground pools are very strong and durable, and will give you hours and hours of backyard fun.

Above ground pools have the benefit of looking great while being relatively inexpensive. They are the ideal solution to providing the family with a pool without investing big time in a permanent pool. These pools are portable. If you are just renting and plan to move, your pool goes with you. If you want to dispose of it you can always give it to a friend or neighbor or even sell it. If you are selling your home, you may want to leave it behind for the new owner as a goodwill gesture.

Above ground pools are very easy to install, invite your friends over for a pool party and get them to help you install the pool first! Your choices of above ground pools range from aluminum to resin and steel. These materials are rust-proof and have a very long lifespan. Talk to the dealer apart from your own research to find the one that best suits you.

Now you can host backyard BBQ nights and pool parties for your friends, and your kids can enjoy endless hours of summer fun in their own swimming pool with their friends.

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