Above Ground Sand Filters - Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean  

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2012 in Articles

Above ground sand filters can keep your large outdoor swimming pool clean from contaminants and pollutants, so why not utilise one of these to maintain the cleanliness of the water and thus enjoyable swimming environment. After all the last thing you want to swim through on your morning dip is a large film of algae!

You see the problem with swimming pools and any stagnant body of water is the lack of current. It is this movement of water in the sea that prevents the bacteria from growing out of control, but smaller closed off systems do not work on the same principle, so you need to give nature a helping hand and control the water contents yourself.

The beauty of a sand removing filter is the simple way it filters the water in your pool, removing the foreign bodies and recycling the water through the system to keep all the parts of the filter and pump working in top condition.

An above ground or in-ground filter uses a patented principle to remove the sediments from the pool - media beds. These beds contain special sand that includes extra fine particles which attract the contaminants into the sand and then hold it there, ready for extraction and this explains the purification process.

As the sediments build up in the filter the handily located pressure gauge, on top of the filter in most cases, will display a reading of between 8 and 10 psi. This is the usual pressure reading for when it becomes time to initiate the backwashing process. Many sand filters have special valves which include several different settings to keep your pool clean.

The backwashing process removes the captured pollutants from the filter, allowing you to rinse and then re-circulate the water flow, starting the filtering process again. Many pumps include timers nowadays, so you can set these processes to run during the night when you are safely tucked up in bed, putting your pool on course to be clean by the morning ready for that first dip.

The sand used in the filters is of a special variety and is suited to the task, actually performing better once it has had a chance to bed in properly. When you realise that the backwashing process is being initiated at decreasing intervals, you can assume it is now time to change the sand.

Even with the associated maintenance costs, the technology that these filters incorporate has improved over the past few years, making sand filters a now essential part of owning a swimming pool. This resultant modernisation of standards has both raised quality and competition, thereby decreasing prices.

There is no reason why a sand special filter should not be in the price range of every pool owner with prices at the lower end sitting around $200. Of course you have the choice to spend as much as you want and if you opt for a greensand filter to compliment your regular filter you could pay out a lot of money, but in the world of above ground filters you always get value for money, even if you plump for a starter model and work your way up the quality chain over time.

Above ground sand filters are the way to go for a clean, safe and fresh swimming pool environment that will last a lifetime.

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