Above Ground Swimming Pool  

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2010 in Articles

When you think about a pool, most people don't think of an above ground pool. However, these old styled pools are always expensive, and can only be designed according to your home's geographic layout. These pools are quickly making way for newer, more practical above-ground pools. Swimming pools that sit atop ground are far more practical for people looking for a nice swimming pool, quick installation, and a variety of styles and sizes.

These types of pools have many options just like their expensive cousins do. They can be designed and purchased in any shape and size. Whether you want to practice holding your breath or teach your children to swim, atop ground swimming pool vendors will deliver pools of any size. These pools are also available in several colors and aesthetic designs, and can even be customized to match your home and garden's theme. Designs range from lake to Gothic, and even Greek architecture.

Above ground swimming pools are thought to be cheaply made with shoddy construction. This isn't the case at all. These pools are constructed with a polypropylene-woven laminate, which will not break against intense water pressure. They are supported by resin or steel frames. Resin is impeccable to the effects of the outdoors, and will remain strong with use. Steel is incredibly reliable, and is rust-coated, to offer rust free construction. Additionally, above ground pools are a good investment for homeowners. Because atop ground pools are smaller, they are easy to fit into backyards or enclosures of any kinds, without putting up a lot of money for installation. You can take your pool with you if you move, which, sadly, you cannot do with an in ground pool.

Atop ground pools are the safest on the market. They are the ideal pool if you're raising a young child or toddler, or have pets that could be in danger of drowning. Babies cannot crawl or fall into the pool because it is raised so high above the ground. This takes away any anxiety that comes with taking your young ones to the beach or the YMCA, because the safest swimming pool will be conveniently located in your home.

Above the ground swimming pools will save you money in the long run. The price of an average-sized atop ground pool is between $700-$900, while all in-ground pools go into the several thousands minimum. Unlike in regular pools, they require little to no maintenance, and only around the seasons you intend to use it. With the money you save from hiring a young pool boy, you can plan your parties and barbeques, and you can enjoy your pool with your friends and family, knowing you've made the best investment possible on a swimming pool.

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