Above Ground Swimming Pool - Advantage and Disadvantages in Having One  

by Pool Builders on 03-11-2009 in Articles

If you want a swimming pool, but might have limited space or simply on a tight budget, then you still have a good option in above ground swimming pools. This type of swimming pool is a good alternative to the much more expensive in ground pool. While in ground types can cost up to the thousands of dollars, the above ground can only cost you a measly few hundreds.

However, there is much more flexibility when it comes to size and shapes for in ground pools. Above ground pools, unfortunately can only have oval or round shape. This will certainly only be great in supporting few swimmers.

Size is also an issue with above ground swimming pools. They are definitely much smaller in size than the in ground, which are much larger and therefore can accommodate more swimmers. Above ground pools will also have to utilize less water, mean which it will limit the activity and movement that can be done on the pool.

And if diving is what you love to do on the water, then you will sadly not be able to do it if you choose an above ground swimming pool. Otherwise, it is excellent for small children as you can opt for one which has depths of just a few feet. It is certainly the better pool for kids to hang around and enjoy the cool water.

Best about above ground pools is that they offer significant savings. Money saved can be used for other swimming pool accessories such as a fence or deck. Remember, you will only have to spend a few hundred dollars for this type of pool as opposed to the in ground type which can be obscenely expensive.

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