Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Do you own an above ground swimming pool? Are you looking for a great way to heat your pool so that you can have a longer swimming season and warmer water during your season? There are many ways to heat your above ground pool and you can choose from three basic options. Here are your above ground swimming pool heaters to choose from.

First, there is a gas heater. This is an expensive type of pool heater that does not require a lot of maintenance, but when it does it will be expensive. Plus this will skyrocket your gas bills and will cost you a lot of money in fuel. However, this is the best type of heater for raising the temperature of your pool water in a hurry. It can get you into the mid 80s in a couple of hours.

Second, you have the electric above ground pool heater. This is not going to be quite as expensive as the gas heater and it will raise your electric bill, but not nearly as much as the gas heater will effect your gas bill. It will take a couple of days to get you into the mid 80s with this type of heater and it will have to be run most of the day and night to get you there.

Last, there is the solar pool heater. This is the cheapest of all the heaters and you can even build it yourself for around $200 if you decide to. Basically it is a set of black tubes that run back and forth with a pump to run the water through them slowly. The tubes are places on your roof or somewhere in direct sunlight so they will get very hot during the day. Then, at night you shut it off. This is the best choice of all the above ground pool heaters because it is inexpensive and will get you into the mid 80s as long as you have sunlight to work with.

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