Above Ground Swimming Pool Heaters: Types And Traits

by Pool Builders on 11-21-2011 in Articles

Above ground swimming pool heaters are an excellent choice if you want to keep your pool water warm and extend your swimming season. With such a solution, you do not have to give up your plans for swimming because of the cold temperature of your swimming pool.

There are several types of above ground pool heaters. All such types of excellent quality are available with the best dealers of these products. The primary factor which must be kept in mind while selecting a heater is, the time that will be required by it to heat up the pool. There are two choices, a rapid-heating model and a slower-heating model. The former will be a good choice if you prefer to heat up the pool whenever you are using it. The latter is ideal for gradually heating up the water and maintain the desired temperature once it is attained. Expert working for the best service providers will pay attention to your needs and understand them properly. Accordingly they will suggest a heater that will suit your requirements best.

The wide range of options which are available for these pool heaters which your can opt for are as follows:

  • The ones which run on gas are considered to be comparatively expensive. However, it is a low maintenance heater. It is also capable of heating up your pool faster than the other types. More the BTU of a gas heater, quicker it will heat the water of your pool.
  • The next type is the electric heater. This type is the most popular amongst pool users. There are no chances of the production of any harmful air pollutants during the heating process.
  • A wood-fired type is more cost-effective compared to the above two. More so because you will not require any gas or electrical connections to run the machine. Your service provider will assist you about the kind of wood that will be required for the purpose and how frequently wood logs need to be added for maintaining the heat.
  • The least expensive type amongst all the available ones is the solar above ground swimming pool heater. It has solar heating panels which run with the help of the energy from sun rays. Your service providers will help you in positioning it appropriately so that it is able to receive the rays of the sun directly.

It is necessary to choose a reputable service provider for the right purchase of your above ground swimming pool heater. They offer a wide range of options to choose from. There are reliable and well known online dealers as well who provide quality product and services.

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