Above Ground Swimming Pool and Types  

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2011 in Articles

Above Ground Pools are definitely the least expensive pool that you could buy, and also the fastest to set up. Most are produced from prefabricated kits which are possible for an amateur to set up. First, the installers level off the ground to create a flat surface, and after that they build a perimeter track that supports the wall. Next, they distribute sand surrounding the area of the pool and lay the plumbing. Now, they secure the vinyl liner over the walls, fill the pool with water, smooth the lining and secure. The moment they put the water pump and filter systems, it is ready to go. It is easy to construct and inexpensive but it is less durable than other swimming pools and often less attractive. There are 5 different kinds of above ground pool which is listed below.

Inflatable Soft Side
An inflatable soft-sided pool comes in different sizes and depths. Since they are soft-sided, they can be taken apart and stored away in the winter season. It is filled with air through an air pump and filled up with water. Keep in mind that it is important to put the inflatable on the leveled surface simply because in may result to crooked pool. Also, because it's inflatable, it is very susceptible to punctures. A patch kit is necessary in case of a hole.

The portable is one that you can take to a park or perhaps an occasion. They usually have larger sides since they are meant to hold people as much as possible. They usually are elliptical shaped which are made to fit in narrow places. This pool is also a kind of soft-sided which are filled up with an air by an air pump and then filled with water. Portables can be either rented or bought.

Frame Set
The frame set is another kind of soft-sided. This type of pool requires a moderate amount of ability to put together. The frames are usually made of plastic or metal tubing. They are screwed together to make a frame with a railing that runs the size of the swimming pool. It uses a vinyl-liner and is expanded all over the frames and secured into place. Then the pool is filled with water. Frame-set pools can be bought in rectangular and round designs. You can also find this kind of pool that is covered with wood sheathing.

Metal Hard Side
This sort of pool has a simple circular and oval shape which is a preferred selection among pool customers. The round metal hard-sided pool is actually made from sheet steel with heavy vinyl-liner. The outer layer of sheet metal is assembled to create a wall and then reinforced with a metal railing. The lining is then put on the inside and attached to the railing. After setting the liner, the pool is then filled up with water. Metal pools are more durable and cannot be torn off as compared to the soft-sided swimming pools. This swimming pool comes in different designs from very shallow to the typical 4 ft depth.

Saltwater Pool
Saltwater pool is actually is the newest trend in pools. To have this, you can select an above-ground saltwater pool or add a saltwater chlorinator in your existing one. This can either be soft-sided or hard-sided but the only difference is the pump. The water pump uses salt and turns it to the chlorine.

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