Above-Ground Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 09-17-2009 in Articles

How many times have we all wished we had an above-ground swimming pool in the middle of the hot summer? On a scorching sunny day, the perfect place is at the pool. However, public pools tend to be crowded, noisy and messy. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an available lawn chair. This is not the ideal way to relax poolside.

An above-ground swimming pool consists of the structure (metal sides, liner, and runners), pump, filter and the ladder. The structure can be made out of steel or fiberglass or plastic. Pools have progressively become deeper in recent years. The standard 48" high has now transformed into 52" or 54" tall. Vinyl liners come in a wide assortment of patterns ranging from tile motifs to basic blues. Liners help to protect the ground as well as the surrounding area. The expected life of an above-ground pool is estimated to be four to five years.

There are major considerations to evaluate when dealing with above-ground pools. Cost and size are the most predominant issues. The pool size correlates to the available space in your back yard. The most popular size pool is the 24' round pool. Pool can be as large as 21' x 41'. Pools are either oval or round shaped. Additionally, the location should receive several hours of sun during the summer and be on level ground away from trees, utility lines and telephone poles. The typical cost of an 18' round pool, including the structure, pump, filter and ladder, can range from $1200 to $2000. The material of the structure also needs to be reviewed. Steel structures can rust. Resin structures are more costly.

Another contemplation is the maintenance of an above-ground pool. Regular cleaning and checking the pH balance on a frequent basis is part of the maintenance.

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