Above Ground Swimming Pools 101

by Pool Builders on 05-02-2010 in Articles

There are so many homeowners today who prefer above ground pools in their backyard. This type of is relatively cheaper to install compared to its inground counterpart. They offer the same features such as water, lighting and so on. Despite their lower cost, they are built to last plus the homeowners can choose from a wide range of wall and liner choices. The above ground pool offers certain flexibility. They can be set-up anywhere in the backyard in a day unlike inground pools which requires so much work and longer installation time. And, if the homeowners should want to reclaim their outdoor space then these can be disassembled anytime.

Having an above ground pool, the pool owner should also consider its accompanying pool supplies and accessories. Such pool supplies can include above ground decks, fences, alarms, lights and pool cleaners. Let's take a closer look at each item.

If you have this type of pool, you should consider getting a deck around it. The deck makes the pool a lot safer especially for younger kids. Instead of swimming towards the ladder in order to get out, they can get in and out of the water anywhere with a surrounding deck on the pool. Fences are also important. They can deter kids from entering the pool without any adult supervision. Gated fences are particularly preferred. Alarms can also be of great help as they can instantly sound off once persistent children get past or slip through the fences.

Much like inground swimming pools, there are also pool lights that can be installed underwater and placed on the walls of the above ground pool. These lights are necessary to provide proper illumination at night. Hanging pool lights can also be incorporated to promote safe nighttime swim.

Pool cleaners are essential in keeping the pool sanitized and safe to use. There are so many above ground automatic pool cleaners in the market. They can effectively remove dirt and debris allowing you to enjoy and have fun swimming in your pool.

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