Above Ground Swimming Pools - An Affordable Alternative to Inground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2012 in Articles

So at last you have decided that having a swimming pool is indeed necessary as you may own a summer rest house where the sunny weather is perfect for a soak under the sun to relax your stressed body. Or you may just want to surprise your kids with their very own pool where they can practice swimming and even invite their friends over. You are ready but there are some things to consider too.

Having your very own pool built in your home can be a laborious and expensive project. After the initial planning which may already be tedious, you have to clear the vacant lot where you are planning to have your pool situated. If this is not arduous enough, you have to hire trained men to execute the excavation of the site for your in-ground pool to be placed. That doesn't only take a lot of time but also cost a lot of money. More labor is always related to more cost.

Well if you are not in a hurry of getting the job done and if you have a lot to spend, then this should not be a problem. But if you are more practical and want more savings, you might be looking at where you can cut the costs in building your very own swimming pool. One brilliant way is to check for other alternatives. Instead of having the in-ground pool, you can have the above ground pool instead. In this way, you will not need the whole process of scooping up land to form a hole for your pool to be placed. You can simply enjoy the same pool that is just built above the ground. This would look like a walled body of water where you have to climb up to get to the water.

With this solution, just imagine how much saving you can get from skipping the excavation.

Now what if money is not what you are worried about saving but space? Let's say you have already built a huge house over your property leaving no amount of open space decent enough for a pool within a lawn? Does that mean you cannot have a pool anymore? That is not exactly the case all the time.

That is because you can build an above ground swimming pool on your roof deck, in your terrace or balcony and even inside your home. You can save both space and money without all the excavation and land clearing necessary for an in-ground outdoor pool.

Above ground spools are also not just limited to homes. This is perfect too for other buildings or structures wherein excavation is not possible such as hotels, gyms and recreation areas on floors other than the ground floor. Same goes for pools on the deck of a cruise ship, a yacht or a floating cabin. Above ground pools are actually perfect everywhere and even more feasible in more locations than the traditional in-ground swimming pool.

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