Above Ground Swimming Pools Are Easy To Maintain

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2014 in Articles

Adding a backyard pool offers a refreshing way to enjoy the heat throughout the summer and have fun with the family. A common issue with the backyard pool is the expense, especially if you're looking at the in-ground models. But a large pool needn't be so expensive if you are able to consider the wide-ranging benefits of the above ground swimming pool. They are much cheaper and take up a lot less space on the property.

Here are several qualities associated with the above ground swimming pool:


A significant reason to consider investing in the above ground pools is the total expense. The cost to install the above ground pool and related equipment is about 25% the cost of installing the full size in-ground units. A big reason for the reduced cost relates to the installation process. Above ground pools are much easier to install on the surface of the backyard. They are also mass-produced which is certain to help with cutting costs compared to the individual or custom pools. The installation process is much shorter. An in-ground swimming pool might need 3 or 4 months to complete. This is easily cut down to 4 to 8 days for the above ground models. Costs are further saved by carrying out the installation work as a do-it-yourself project. This helps to cut costs associated with hiring the professional contractors.


The design of the above ground pools makes them straightforward to clean and maintain. The need to add cleaning chemicals and check the plumbing and filtration systems is much less compared to the in-ground models. Because the sides of the pool are high up, there is less chance the general day-to-day dirt and debris can cause a mess in the pool. Also, it is much easier to gain access to the pool equipment, which means it is easier to complete any repairs when required.


The above ground pool is a much safer design compared to the low-level in-ground units. To gain access to the above ground pools, it is necessary to have in place the proper type of ladder. When the pool isn't in use, the ladder is easily removed which prevents the small and curious children from attempting to take a look when they shouldn't. A cover and fence can further increase the safety level.


A further positive of the above ground pools is the ease in which they can be emptied, broken down and taken with you should you move home in the future.

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