Accessories You Need To Seriously Consider With A Swimming Pool Purchase  

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2007 in Articles

If you've decided to purchase a swimming pool, then there's plenty of fun waiting for you now, and in the future. And at first glance, it's easy to imagine you, your friends and your family enjoying a game of water volleyball or sliding into a pool or divvying up sides for aqua basketball.

But the swimming pool accessories you should probably consider first put safety ahead of the fun that awaits you in your personal backyard vacation. Here are the most obvious accessories you need to consider to put safety first.

Pool Cover: A swimming pool safety cover, properly fitted and tensioned over your pool when not in use, can help prevent accidents from occurring. And while it's common sense to realize that young children should never be left unattended, a pool safety cover can add an extra measure of protection and peace of mind.

Pool Fences: Preventing access to your swimming pool area with a pool fence is an additional layer of common, sensible protection. Check with your local building inspection office to adhere to mandatory height requirements, and if the pool is on ground level, be sure to add a locking gate mechanism to your plans. Aluminum pool fences generally offer greater stability than either wooden or fiberglass fences and are almost completely maintenance-free.

Safety Ladder: A sturdy, safe, no-skid ladder within the swimming pool itself is a logical must in many situations, and for above-ground swimming pools, an access ladder that folds up and locks securely out of reach of small children provides additional protection against accidental or unwanted pool entry.

For the safety and security of children and pets, Kayak Pools Midwest above-ground swimming pools offer pool fences and fold-up safety ladders as standard equipment, and they are included in the initial purchase price.

Oftentimes, the expense of these accessories is above and beyond the cost of the pool itself. It's something to think about long before choosing up sides for your pool-based games.

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