Accommodation for Expats in Bangalore  

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With the increasing number of expats moving to Bangalore, companies are looking at accommodation options which are not only comfortable for the visitors but also closer to work. However, most of expat-type accommodation are available only in the suburbs and the ones closer to business districts are very expensive and way over budget. Thankfully serviced apartments are available near all the business districts with close proximity to international schools, fitness centers, swimming pools and malls - which is why they are the chosen mode of accommodation for expats.

Serviced apartments and needs of expats

Safety - Safety is number 1 priority for families who come to stay in a foreign city. Over the years serviced apartments in Bangalore have made sure that international safety standards are abides by - security is tight, emergency such as fire and medical are at the touch of a button and child safety are kept in mind.

Proximity to work - Serviced apartments do not need a lot of space or pomp of hotels hence they are available everywhere, but most importantly in all business districts such as ITPL, Electronics city, MG road, Hebbal and more.

Close to all needs - Most of these places have developed due to the offices hence are well populated with malls, schools, fitness centers, parks, swimming pools and of course hospitals.

One for everyone - The serviced apartments is fully furnished and have modern well-equipped kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms. They are usually spacious and there is one for every need - a one bedroom apartment for a bachelor, and 3-bedroom one for a big family. You can also find duplex serviced apartments for that extra stay and comfort.

All facilities - Most of the serviced apartments have landscaped gardens, cafes, gymnasium, library, swimming pools and conference rooms. The apartments are run professionally making sure all services such as housekeeping, security, gardening and others are clock-work.

Household staff - Due to a rise in the number of apartments in Bangalore, there has also been a rise in employment especially for house wives of poorer population. Hiring household staff is now easier than before. Since the need is more, reference to friends and other members of family have increased so there is no dearth in hiring household staff. One can also try out various agencies which help hire staff.

Expats can rest assure that they get what they need in terms of accommodation because of the availability of professionally-run serviced apartments of Bangalore.

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