Accommodation in Chandigarh Pampers Guests  

by Pool Builders on 05-05-2013 in Articles

Accommodation, contrary to belief, is a concept as ancient as when habitation began. Wherever there were clusters, or large groups or a huge human aggregrate of people, there accommodation of one kind or another always sprung up to accommodate and look after such people. As civilization progressed and expectations increased, these got translated into more sophisticated forms of accommodation, with greater facilities.

Accommodation in Chandigarh has also evolved greatly over a period of time and offers its valued clientele the benefits of modern progress and amenities. With a range of facilities incorporated into its infrastructure, the air-conditioned Deluxe, Premium, Cabana Rooms and uber-luxurious Pool and special hotel suites, pamper the tired traveler subtly but surely, relaxing and rejuvenating him. While the special Hotel suites, which have a private jaccuzi and heart-shaped pool with an extended Pool Deck and Deck chairs to lounge in, apart from a treadmill, an ipod dock and a sleek TV, are done up in shades of cobalt blue, grey and white externally and peppermint greens and fawns within, the permutation/ combinations are unique. There is also a King-size bed to give you a sound night's sleep.

Accommodation in Chandigarh in such Chandigarh Hotels also extends to other attached Room and Suite facilities such as private balconies with superb views of the Shivaliks and glittering city lights, with the Premium and Cabana Rooms, as also the luxurious suites. Except for the Deluxe and Premium Rooms, all the other accommodation has its private pools.

The spacious and elegant Cabana Rooms furnished in appealing combinations of greys, peach, cream and gold, with grey leather furniture and matching rug or in chintzy floral prints of deep crimson, green and cream, open out to pleasing vistas, verdant lawns and an inviting pool.

Chandigarh Hotels, which offer monthly and yearly membership schemes for their Fitness Center, to the local community, have incorporated an integrated Wellness approach here.

Whereas the fully equipped gymnasium has the latest hi-tech treadmills, cross-trainers and weight machines and is the perfect place to re-energise, a personal trainer will help you achieve total fitness and a finely tuned body. After a good work out, you can jump straight into the large rooftop swimming pool for a refreshing swim and then repair to any of the culinary outlets to satisfy your gourmet cravings!

Experience total relaxation in the spa area where trained therapists use both eastern and western therapies to massage away the last residue of stress. A special flotation tank allows you the experience of complete letting go, thereby divesting the mind of its worries and allowing you to relax and rejuvenate yourselves. So surrender yourself in spirit to the professional touch of experts and emerge, completely metamorphosed!

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