Achieve a Fit Body and Healthy Mind With a Swim Spa Fitness  

by Pool Builders on 07-29-2012 in Articles

A swim spa has been among the most popular ways to achieve a healthy and toned body. But in the recent past, a holistic underwater fitness system that merges the benefits of a spa and a gym is making waves quite literally! It's a leisure pool and underwater gym rolled into one. It gives you unmatched flexibility to plan your workouts depending on how busy your work schedule is.

What's the concept of a fitness-oriented spa?

Spa fitness solutions are essentially aimed at giving you a healthy body while offering you complete relaxation. On the contrary, in a regular gym you would need to sweat it out and workouts become too arduous for you to handle sometimes. But since you have an underwater gym right in your home, you can do two or even three sessions in a day if you so wish!

These days, you shall notice this interesting concept in the market wherein the manufacturers have thrown in equipment such as a stretching bar, D handles, bar straps, ankle cuffs, a body belt and goggles that allow you to perform several exercises. For instance, you could walk, jog, row, swim, or stretch to get your body in top-notch form. The most interesting part is that this system can also be fitted with rowers to help you strengthen your upper body muscle groups.

Experience the benefits of hydrotherapy:

Numerous scientific studies have proven that hydrotherapy can be useful in injury recovery, rehabilitation, cardiovascular health, overcoming depression and prenatal health programs. As you slide into the pool and switch on the hydro jets, you can feel the strains and tension from your muscles evaporating. The effect is so magical that 's better experienced than described. Senior citizens can experience the benefits of this fitness system too. So if workouts don't interest you much, you could use this underwater spa as a wellness solution instead. From eight to eighty year-old's, there's a wide assortment of activities to choose from.

The intricacies of installation and maintenance

A swim spa has several rejuvenation benefits. By installing one in your backyard, you don't have to drive down to the swimming pool for an underwater spa session. On weekends, the entire family can splash around and spend some quality moments in the pool. You can even teach your kids how to swim in a very secure and controlled environment. This spa fitness system can be installed in a few hours and with very just the basic maintenance, it shall last you for several years. You could install it on a deck or patio. Alternatively, it can be installed in-ground as a continuous swimming pool. There's also the option of using it in the form of an above-ground portable hot tub.

With benefits that span much beyond a regular swim spa, it's clear that this underwater fitness system is an investment in your long-term well-being.

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