Acid Wash For A Brighter, Cleaner Pool

by Pool Builders on 03-24-2013 in Articles

Having a clean swimming pool is important to enjoy the warm days. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing stains, slime and algae in your pool. If you don't want your pool to look like a swamp, it might be time to do some major swimming pool clean-up. The most reliable way to get your pool back in shape is the "drain and clean" process. This is also called the acid wash pool cleaning.

The acid wash pool maintenance process involves removing the layer of plaster from the walls. This layer is purposefully stripped to reveal the fresh plaster beneath. People who regularly maintain their pool will still do an acid wash just to make it look brighter and whiter. However, it should only be done when really needed.

You can have a professional do an acid wash pool cleaning for you. You may consider doing it on your own with the help of a few others. Pool acid can be very dangerous. If you prefer to do some DIY acid wash pool cleaning, you can take into account the following guidelines:

1. Before beginning, make sure you have chemical goggles and protective clothing. You need to take note that acid wash is only for concrete pools and not for those with vinyl covers.

2. It would be good to have a couple of people around while the process is being done just in case there are accidents, since acid is a very hazardous substance.

3. Add the acid to the water, do not water to acid. Remember this simple rule in mixing both. You can use a small bucket to pour the acid.

4. You can drain your pool after everything is set. As you drain the pool, make sure to clean any debris. Scrubbing the sides may be a good way to utilize your time and be productive while waiting for the water to completely drain.

5. Once fully drained, you can start the acid wash pool cleaning process. Pour the mixture down the sides. You can also use your garden hose to spray the pool walls.

6. After pouring the acid, do not scrub the walls right away. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute for the acid to work. After which you can start scrubbing. After finishing in one area, do not forget to rinse completely before going to another part of the pool.

7. If you're working with several people, it would be good to take different sections in wetting, scrubbing and rinsing to complete the whole acid wash pool maintenance faster. Make sure you get the pool completely covered. Check to ensure all of the walls and the floor are completely acid-free.

8. Once you're finished with the cleaning, use neutralized water made of soda ash and use a submersible pump to pump this into the storm drain. Finally, rinse with clean water and refill your pool.

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