Add Extra Fun to Your In-Ground Pool With a Fibreglass Slide

by Pool Builders on 05-16-2010 in Articles

It takes a lot for a kid to get bored in their own swimming pool, but should they ever run out of ideas in which to have fun, there is always the option of a fibreglass slide.

Once you've purchased your new swimming pool, had it installed and filled up with water, it's time to explore the depths of possible entertainment that's associated with the new fixture of the home.

Adults love pools, almost as much as kids. It's a place where all work worries are left behind, personal problems are buried and where everyone can act the goat and smile from ear to ear. Whether you dive head first or slowly lower yourself into the refreshing water, the feeling of being in your own swimming pool is one of pure satisfaction.

There's so much to do in a pool that quite often it's a real mission to get both kids and adults out. Aside from jumping, flipping, diving and bombing into the water, you can also play a number of games, like volleyball, picking up rings off the bottom of the pool, tennis ball catches, headers with the football, among other things. If none of these fit the bill, then you could always consider installing a fibreglass slide.

There are many to choose from so it's just a matter of finding one that is safe for everyone. The big fibreglass slides are made for bigger kids and can stand up as high as 20 feet. These need to be installed and the majority of them come with a hose attachment to ensure water always runs down the slide.

There are a number of websites you can check out to establish the types of slides available as well as the prices and any installation required.

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