Add Some Sparkle To Your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 11-01-2012 in Articles

Add Some Sparkle To Your Pool

A pool adds value to your home and your life. You can create a unique setting that adds a little something extra to the atmosphere of your house. A few little things can make a big difference on your pool, and make it even more fun and attractive.


Glass tiles will reflect the light and water to create a special, sleek ambiance, and you can use multiple tones and different patterns to create something really unique. You might use an accent color around the edge of the pool, or install an artistic mosaic near the stairs. You’ll have options galore if you go this route.

Natural stone is also a great option for your pool. Whether you are using stone tiles around the pool or building a structure near the side with large, rugged rocks, it will create a nice, earthy look.


Yes, you normally shouldn’t have working electronic devices anywhere near the pool - unless, of course, that’s what they were made for. Special colored lighting around the edges, floating bubble lights, and even wireless speakers in a waterproof container can really make playtime in the pool more fun and more relaxing.

Shape and Size

A lot of people default to the standard rectangle or oval pools, but there is really no limit to the shapes you can choose for a pool you are building. This decision shouldn’t just be about picking a unique shape for the sake of being unique, though. You should consider how the shape might allow you to add other elements, like natural rock structures, or an accompanying kiddie pool. Outdoor glass tiles [] come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Other Factors

A simple rectangle hole filled with water is certainly functional, but it could be so much more fun with a few additions. A hot tub, for example, can be part of your swimming pool design. While it’s sealed off from the rest of the pool water, it’s easy to crawl in and out of it so you can take advantage of the hot soothing bubbles to relax your muscles before you head back into the big pool to play some more.

A waterfall will also change your pool from an ordinary design to something really beautiful. Waterfalls can be designed to take advantage of natural rock structures, pouring water into the pool where you can play beneath it or just sit back and appreciate how it looks.

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