Add a Touch of Beauty to Your Pool Area

by Pool Builders on 08-12-2009 in Articles

If you have the luxury of having a pool right outside your back door, chances are you and your family spend most of your summer enjoying it. For many, a pool is a wonderful and fun investment, but if your kids have gotten older and the pool has been ignored by you and your family - don't get ready to re-do your backyard just yet. Sure, you may no longer have a use for the water noodles and the inflatable alligator anymore, but you can easily turn your water hole from kiddie pool to luxurious get-away by making some small adjustments.

o First of all, get rid of all of those old and worn pool toys. Keeping them around for the "neighbor kids" or your friend's children is not a good idea. Old and dirty pool toys are more of an eyesore than anything, and storing them can be a real pain. If you're looking to upgrade the look of your pool - clearing them out is the first step. If you'd like some inflatable rafts for you and your friends (and even the neighbor kids) to lounge on, head to the local pool store at the close of the summer. Your new inflatables will be much cheaper at this time of year.

o If you have a freestanding, above ground pool in the backyard, chances are it's not the most beautiful sight to look out on. By building a deck spanning from a back door that connects to the pool area, you've instantly made your above ground pool look as though it's built into the yard. You can do great things when you have a deck and pool area combined into one. Pool parties, barbeques, and other family gatherings can be held on the deck while kids (and adults) can splash in the pool a few feet away. It's also a great way to hide the worn down lawn that may have suffered from the years of wet feet drudging across it to get to and from the free standing pool.

o If building a deck isn't on your agenda, consider the landscaping around the pool area. If the grass surrounding your pool has suffered, consider adding some bushes and shrubs around the base. It will add an instant frame to the pool area and will also help hide any eyesores. Buying some larger potted plants or ferns for on the pool deck (if you have the space) will also help create a luxurious and tropical feel for swimmers.

o Keep your pool area well lit. Whether you like to night swim now or you've always liked the idea of it - a well-lit pool area creates a beautiful and serene scene in the backyard. If you're entertaining at night, throwing some light on the pool can create a beautiful, twinkling back drop. Installing some ground level spot lights on the pool will help you to instantly throw some light on the area without being too overwhelming.

o Finally, the best way to create a beautiful pool area in your backyard is to make sure you keep your pool well maintained. Having a pool is a luxury, but it's also an investment that needs care. By keeping up with maintenance and routine cleanings, you can be sure that when you go to do the job - nothing gets too built up - causing you more work than necessary. If you know you're going to be out of town for a few weeks in the summer, invest in an electronic pool cleaner that will help you while you're gone. By keeping your pool clean and following some of the other guidelines spelled out in this article - you'll be doing you, your home, and your family a favor.

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