Adding Style and Safety to Your Glass Pool Fencing

by Pool Builders on 06-16-2013 in Articles

Glass pool fencing gives you the ultimate in style, comfort and privacy. Whether you choose frameless or semi frameless designs, you need to balance stylistic considerations with safety concerns, making sure the whole family can enjoy the pool in luxury and total security.

The nature of glass pool fencing affords near uninterrupted views of your surroundings, but its see-through quality can create a stark effect that would benefit from a little softening up. A few ways to achieve this might include:

  • Adding carefully selected planting in pots or raised borders. The colour and foliage helps create interest and depth in the pool area while injecting a bit of luxury into the overall feel of the place.
  • Using up lighting on exterior walls of the house, or hidden discreetly behind plants, helps soften edges and create contrast. They can also let you enjoy the pool long after the sun goes down if you wish.
  • Placing weatherproof poolside furniture close to the pool adds that lived-in look and maximises your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Soak up the sun and read a good book in between laps, or simply relax with the rest of the family.

Create Areas of Interest

Another top hint is to separate an outdoor dining area with frameless or semi frameless glass pool fencing. This creates a barrier between the two while helping to define each of the spaces at the same time. Semi frameless glass can be further enhanced by selecting post colours that complement the surroundings in subtle tones, or that stand out to remind everyone that the fence is there.

Tiling around the pool and on feature walls can add pizzazz and warmth depending on your colour choice. Raised timber deck areas with comfy seating can really open up the outside space and contribute to that tropical paradise feeling that's so alluring, giving you an extra "room" to spend time in.

Glass Pool Fencing Safety Issues

When it comes to pools, safety is vital. It's estimated that one child dies from swimming pool related accidents in Australia every week, which is why the government is so strict about pool regulations - and why the glass used needs to be of the highest quality.

The panels used in glass pool fencing are made from toughened glass that's designed to keep unwanted intruders out and provide a barrier against accidents. Strong gates ensure the pool area remains secure, and these are available in lockable childproof models that guarantee there won't be any unpleasant surprises.

Concerned that your frameless glass pool fencing might fall over and hurt someone? You shouldn't be. Heavy duty posts are used to ensure that will never happen, anchoring the thick panels firmly in place. Corners and areas likely to experience heavier traffic are secured with brackets to provide another level of security, giving you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the pool the way you want to.

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