Adrenaline junkie - check the small print!  

by Pool Builders on 06-11-2008 in Articles

Checking the small print in your
"">travel insurance [<br] policy to see that you are covered for what you intend to do whilst on holiday is essential before you go. A great report in this week's Times shows holidaymakers plunging into Devil's Pool, which is reputedly the most dangerous swimming pool in the world. As the Times reports "for the thrill-seeker looking for the ultimate holiday snap....perched on top of Victoria Falls on the edge of a precipice, 360 feet above oblivion with almost 40,000 cubic feet of water gushing past your ears every second". As one
""> partaker [<br] of this sport said, "it was better than bungee jumping" and that "being in the Devil's Pool is a serious adrenalin rush." If you intend to do this or any extreme activity for that matter, then perhaps it would be wise to check that your travel insurance policy covers you before you dive in. Most, if not all, travel
"">insurance policies
, will exclude certain activities, known in the trade as ‘Hazardous Activities'. Swimming does not normally fall into that category of course but an insurance provider might have a word to say about this particular swimming pool. It is very important to choose a travel insurance provider who tries to give as much information to their customers on what activities are, or are not, covered and what may be done if the right procedures are in place and the correct safety precautions taken. So some good advice is to check your travel insurance policy before you go away, and again perhaps, just before you jump in! Not that this should necessarily deter all but the faint hearted to try out what appears to be the ultimate in swimming experiences, up there probably with shark diving. But don't get too carried away, not just by the
"">strong current
, as you may need to use that travel insurance you bought after all.

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