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A successful learn to swim program has two essential factors - technique and training. And this is the foundation of Adult Swimming Lessons. While it is ideal to start very young, it is never too late to start learning proper swimming techniques and begin training for health reasons.

There were 4 people aged 19 and below (all males) drowned in 2009, based on the Singapore Life Saving Society Annual Report. There were 17 deaths of all ages. 217 rescues were made in that year. There is no data on near drowning available. More deaths could have resulted if not for these rescues.

Swimming Technique

It is easy to spot the swimmer that is not employing the right swimming technique. They can barely finish a complete lap without gasping for air. The right swimming technique allows for efficient and more relaxed breathing. This allows the swimmer to have longer staying power.

The technique being taught during adult swimming lessons are the same sets of principles being taught in other swimming classes. However, the teaching approach is very different, certain theories are explained because adult are more receptive to learning the "why"s along with the "how"'s.

Swimming is fundamentally a synchronized series of movements that allow the whole body to stay afloat while it propels itself forward. Each movement determines both speed and level of endurance. There are proper techniques for:

Form - The length of the body during swimming. Just as there is a correct stance in golf to initiate the perfect swing, the proper swimming form enhances speed.
Arm Cycle - each formal swimming stroke has five phases for each arm cycle - entry, catch, pull, release and recovery.
Rotation - shoulder and axis rotation
The Kick - Flutter kick for freestyle and backstroke, frog kick for breast stroke and the dolphin kick for butterfly. Each kick employs a different technique so that the body travels farther in each kick.
Breathing - being able to sustain enough air without gasping while doing laps.
Push off - how to make the most of the first glide.

Training For Health, Leisure or Competition

Adult swimming lessons are design for adults who wish to improve their swimming technique or style. Because swimming is a great cardiovascular work-out, it's the ideal exercise to keep people healthy. And there are still others who wish to compete not only in adult swim meets but also in triathlons.

Training programs are different for every kind of swimmer there is, but proper training is definitely needed. Training involves proper stretching, diet and even resistance training. For whatever reason, the swimmer should be guided by expert instructors who truly understand the science behind the sport.

Adult swimming lessons are also designed to bring together students with the same goals and the same level of learning phase. The benefit of this is that each group learns better together without holding anyone back.

For beginners, the camaraderie created during each session creates support and encouragement for one another. It allows each student to be more patient with themselves and others. For intermediate level adult students, they learn from each other's mistakes as they observe one another during drills. For more advanced levels who seek supervised training, they are allowed to exchange ideas and help one another with expert supervision.

Learn To Swim At Any Age and At Any Learning Phase

There are a lot of people who think that there is no room for improvement in swimming, that they do no need adult swimming lessons. The truth is, swimming is constantly evolving and techniques constantly change because experts try to find ways to make things better. Wouldn't you want to be in the know?

Swimming has become a passion among adults. This is a perfect hobby that amalgamates fun and exercise together. It is a perfect exercise for both men and women. Some people stop short when it comes to learning swimming. It is a myth that learning swimming is very tough. If you are under the guidance of an experienced and patient trainer, then there is no need to worry. We have never made any compromise in terms of trainer or tools for swimming. At the initial stage, our trainer will let you know the basic aspects of swimming, the trainer will make you familiar with water, floating in and moving under water with proper breathing techniques. We have planned all our learning stages in the best possible way through which your learning will be efficient. Our systematic and effective trainning plan will make swimming turn easy for you.

Why is swimming good for you?

Having a defined, toned and muscular physique may seem unattainable to a lot of people, but it can be done without having to fork out an exorbitant amount of money on gym memberships. Taking up a sport regularly can play a big part in helping you to both keep healthy and build muscle.

Swimming is one such sport where regular participants can keep healthy while simultaneously developing muscle. If you work a nine-to-five job and find yourself with very little time to keep fit, a quick one-hour session at the nearest swimming pool could carry a significant weight. Most municipal swimming pools are affordable. In addition, target weekday evenings as they are typically not as busy during that time of day. This should give you ample room to move around the pool at your leisure.

One of the best things about swimming is that, whether you're performing breaststroke, butterfly stroke or crawl, you are using both arms and legs to move up and down the pool vigorously. Irrespective of the type of stroke, you need to use your legs to propel your body forward through kicking motions. In addition, regardless of the style of swimming, you need to make full use of your arms in order to move forward. This makes swimming, a full body workout that engages the majority of your major muscle groups, helping to shape up your body much faster than some other sports that only focus on select groups of muscles.

Also, if your running routine starts to take a toll on your joints, swimming should be an excellent replacement sport as it takes the pressure off the constant ground pounding that a running exercise involves. Perhaps you have been engaged in some other form of sport, and now, injury prevents you from putting excess weight on your knee or ankle. If you want to keep your body shape stable over that period of time, swimming would be a great alternative sport to consider.

Regular swimming not only builds muscle strength, but also endurance, and cardiovascular stamina. After a land workout, swimming a few laps (after a quick shower of course) can help you cool down, move blood through your system, and help your body recover, as you glide through the water.

It is not late to start learning how to swim! Its not as simple as one thinks or rather amateur 'L' plate learner.. blow bubbles? Prone float? Kicking from one end of the pool to the other?

It is serious X training, toning or building a body like Arnold if one knows what training is.

For Starters,

Appetiser will be simple and yet easy to digest cold dish

Breathing and floating with our Secret Sauce

Main Course,

Steam Fish, Stir fried Mixed vegetables and Bitter gourd soup.

All easy on your stomach with bitter gourd soup to clear your bodily toxin from all the fried junkies

Steam Fish?

Well that will be your back float enjoying some tan from our Mr Sun

Stir Fried Vegetables?

That is our Special dish with secret spice to give u some adrenalin rush not to your taste buds bud but a whole body work out so intense that will give you a good night's sleep

Bitter gourd Soup?

No pain no gain. Some bitterness to the training will make you look like Arnold for Guys or Missy Slim


Teochew Yam paste with Ginko Nuts for the adventurous

One should be able to enjoy your fruits of labour by now with a not so sweet dessert or warm down to cool your bodyâEUR¦

maybe a relaxed 25 meters forward swim with a 1.5 meters deep dive to find your treasure for the guys or a 25m head up swim for the ladies with your nicely barned up hair with your date.

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