Advantageous Factors in Favor of Solar Pool Blankets  

by Pool Builders on 02-06-2011 in Articles

Solar pool covers increase the warm of pool water, while simultaneously protecting against heat loss and evaporation by insulating the water surface. Lightweight, with thousands of tough, puncture-resistant air cells, solar covers float on the surface of your pool. The air cells capture heat from the sun and transfer that solar energy directly to the pool water. The consensus is, the darker the pool cover, the more heat it attracts and the faster that heat will transfer to the water.

In fact, when you use swimming pool solar reels and covers, you can increase the temperature of your swimming pool by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, since you will not be losing nearly as much heat through evaporation, your reliance on other types of heating systems will be significantly reduced. Obviously, this will greatly lower your heating costs. At the same time, reduced evaporation also means less chemical loss which, in turn, means that you will need to spend less money on replacement chemicals.

Traditional electric heat pump systems are fairly energy-efficient (often more efficient than gas systems), but in certain circumstances lose efficiency very quickly. Most systems operate most efficiently at outside temperatures of more than 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but lose efficiency quickly if the temperature decreases. The system will still operate effectively, but it will require more electricity to do so, because the cooler outside temperature forces the system to work harder to heat water.

Over the course of a week, these systems will increase the temperature of a 30,000 gallon pool by 5 degrees when the air temperature is 54 - 59 degrees. At a high price point for such sophisticated systems, you could probably much easily afford to install a pool blanket than one of these electric heating systems.

Pool covers are available in a few types: first is the solid pool cover, second is the mesh pool cover and third is the solar pool blanket []. Each type has unique functions which will surely cater the needs of your swimming pool.

While all swimming pool solar covers will provide you with the above benefits to a certain degree, not all solar blankets are created equal. This is why it's important to understand the differences between the various types of solar pool covers. For example, solar blankets [] are available in different thicknesses, with the most common thicknesses being 8 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm. While thicker covers cost more than thinner covers, there is a good reason for this price difference. Namely, thicker solar blankets provide greater durability as well as greater heat transference and insulation.

The manufacturing process used by U.S. manufacturers produces fabric strands that are superior in strength and straightness due to a hot air process compared to import manufacturers that use a water loom process. The imports, as a result, deliver a weaker strand that requires more outer protective coating to seal it. This distinction allows U.S. producers to make more durable, more uniform pool cover fabrics that are lightweight yet stronger than the competitive imports. Ultimately, the domestic product is less likely to delaminate and separate away from the fabric.

Prospective or current pool owners should never forget to invest in necessary swimming pool accessories. Swimming pools should be treated as one of the valuable investments that should be given proper attention to maintain its good performance. Pool equipment and accessories such as pool pumps, pool filters, pool cleaners, chlorinators and others are what we need to make pool maintenance easier and more convenient. Although some equipment costs a lot and requires you more time to operate it, at least you are sure that you are giving proper maintenance that your pool needed.

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