Advantages of Buying Hayward Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 09-29-2010 in Articles

You surely would never like to plunge into a cloudy and dirty pool. Therefore, to ensure regular cleaning and sanitizing, you must install good quality filters and pumps. Have you installed a filter and a pump in your pool yet?

If you still have not decided on the brand of the filtration device that you will buy, you must wait no further and buy Hayward pool filters. Hayward is a leading name in the pool equipment industry. They offer a wide selection of models for filters (both above ground and in ground mechanisms). Hayward filtration mechanisms have reputation for providing great performance besides being durable. This is the reasons they are preferred for both private and public swimming pools. These filters have advanced heavy duty motor to ensure high performance.

Depending on the type of filtration media these mechanisms can be divided broadly into three different categories. The three categories of Hayward pool filters are cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous or DE filters. The type of filtration process that you would choose will depend on the size of your pool, the precision of cleaning, and sanitizing and the amount you are eager to spend in the installation.

Sand filters

The Hayward sand filters consist of a container filled with special pool-grade sand. When the water is pumped in, the sand in the container acts as a sieve and helps in removing the impurities present in the water. As the water is propelled through the mechanism at high pressure, unwanted debris and filth get trapped and are thus screened out of the water. This type of mechanism effectively filters out the impurities as small as 20 microns. If you choose to buy this Hayward product, you should backwash the sand once in a while to keep it clean.

Cartridge sieves

Hayward cartridge filtration mechanism functions using paper-like cartridges. The cartridges are used to sieve out the unwanted particles out of the water. The cartridge filtration process features a large filtration surface area. Therefore, while these sieves work effectively, they also get clogged less often. Just washing these with a garden hose is what is required for a thorough cleaning. Moreover, as these sieves can clean debris as small as 10 microns, they are preferred.

DE filtration method

If you are looking for highest level of precision in cleaning and sanitizing a swimming pool, choosing the DE filters would be the best option for you. This filtration mechanism use diatomaceous earth, a porous material made with the crushed exoskeletons of diatoms. The microscopic nooks and crevices effectively trap debris as small as 2 to 5 microns.

Only after considering all the factors mentioned above, you must buy a filter. Nevertheless for buying these Hayward pool filters you need to find a reliable store where you can get genuine devices at attractive rates.

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