Advantages of Buying Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaners

by Pool Builders on 10-17-2010 in Articles

Kreepy Krauly cleaners are probably the first swimming pool cleaning devices that were designed functioned automatically without any manual help. The devices are still popular today and only have become more advanced with the introduction of newer technologies into the devices. With devices as Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners, swimming pools are not just costly luxury but are great retreats to swim out the fatigue and to rejuvenate with your family on weekends.

This brand has gained popularity because of the effectiveness and quality of the mechanism. You can install such filters in both inground and above ground swimming pools. These are effective as regular filtration mechanism and therefore ensure clean and healthy water condition to swim in. However there are certain factors that you need to consider before installing Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners -

1. The size of your pool and its surface area. There are different types of Kreepy Krauly pool cleaners available in the market. You should be able to choose a type that would be well compatible with the size and volume of your swimming area.

2. You must also make a budget prior to buying these pool cleaners. Different models may have different prices. You should buy the most appropriate one.

3. Last but, not the least, the mechanism should be checked for providing the exact functionality that you intend to install. You can also make a choice between the automatic Kreepy Krauly machines and hand-held or manual devices of the same brand.

This brand is available in many varieties and styles. Given below are some commonest models that people prefer to install in their home-based swimming pool.

Kreepy Krauly Marathon: The mechanism of this model effectively sieves out dirt and algae. It makes the water hygienic. This model has a unique four-way mechanism that filters by concentrating the flow of water in a single stream to ensure maximum cleanliness. 'Ultra Marathon' is an upgraded version of this filter that has been recently launched in the market.

Kreepy Krauly conquest: This filter is said to be an intelligent cleaner. It leaves no spot or impurities behind. The structure comprises wings on both sides that help in directing and collecting impurities to the skimmer.

Kreepy Krauly Pool Pirana: It has mechanisms that can such in the dirt and debris from the swimming pool. It automatically starts functioning when the water turns murky. By installing a Pirana, you can cut down on the requirement of chemicals for cleaning the pool.

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