Advantages of Salt-Water Pool Systems  

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2011 in Articles

While it might sound like an unusual maintenance method for your swimming pool, salt-water pools are becoming more and more popular in backyards all across the country. The reason is simple - there really are a lot of advantages that you won't find with a traditional chlorine-treated pool.

Healthier for the Environment
One of the biggest advantages of salt pool systems is that you will reduce the amount of chemicals stored and used at your home. No more chlorine, acids or other toxic chemicals will be needed in order to balance out your pool. Not only is this healthier for the environment, but it will also improve the overall safety of your home.

Healthier for Your Family
Salt is much better for your skin and swim clothing than chlorine. Itchy skin, red eyes and bleached-out hair are just some of the disadvantages many people have experienced in a chlorine-treated swimming pool. You will notice right away that swimming in a salt-water pool is much more comfortable and inviting and feels much more comfortable on your skin.

Another little-known side-effect from regularly swimming in a pool that has been treated with chlorine is an increased risk for some cancers, abnormalities within the immune system and fertility problems, as well as an increase in symptoms for those suffering from asthma or emphysema. Organochlorines are created in pure chlorine pools, which can sometimes mimic human hormones, causing the above-mentioned conditions. But salt-water pool systems never experience enough of a drop in chlorine levels for these organochlorines to be created.

Simpler Maintenance
One of the more popular advantages of salt-water pool systems is the low maintenance. In most cases your pool will virtually clean itself and it will require a lot less of your time and attention than a chlorine-treated pool. The salt-water system works to stop algae growth within your pool, as the chlorine generator works to convert the salt into chlorine, leaving you with a fresh and naturally clean swimming pool.

A salt-water pool system is also much more cost-effective to operate and maintain, practically paying for itself in just a couple of years due to the savings in chemical costs and professional pool cleaner visits. Overall it costs about 50% less to maintain a salt-water pool.

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