Advantages of Swimming Work Outs for Swimmers  

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2011 in Articles

Swimming workouts can be carried out by people of every age group since swimming can be a low impact activity that will not put pressure on bones and joints. Swim workouts have various benefits and a few of advantages are mentioned below.

#1 - Swim workouts improve the form and technique used by swimmers. There are many swim work outs and while some swim drills are meant for freestyle strokes, others help with back stroke or butterfly stroke. Swim workouts also improve the breathing techniques of swimmers and with practice swimmers can hold their breath for a longer time without putting in much effort.

#2 - Another important benefit is that swimming promotes good health. Swimming is a very effective form of exercise that allows people to improve their health while cooling off or de- stressing in water. Regular swimming not only builds up endurance but also improves muscle fitness and cardio vascular health. People who swim regularly are less affected by respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and cough. Since swimming boosts up the immune system, swimmers are less likely to be affected by cold, flu and other health problems. Swimming is known to help in preventing or controlling psychiatric problems such as mild depression or mild panic attacks.

#3 - Swimming is a social activity that allows likeminded people to meet. This activity can be done by anyone of any age and is absolutely safe when done properly. Children can be taught not to fear water by allowing them to play in shallow pools meant for children. Contrary to the popular belief, workouts in water are not boring and actually these workouts are fun for both children and adults. Depending on your preference and mood you can choose water aerobic drills, water kicking drills or regular drills to improve technique. Swim workouts are fun and since there are over 50 swim work outs, swimmers can change work outs whenever they get bored with 1 or 2 work outs.

#4 - Swimming work outs can help people burn calories and lose up to 5 pounds in 1 month. This water activity can also help people gain muscle provided they eat right. People who are interested in toning their body should consider swimming thrice a week for 1 hour every session. The benefits of this activity can be noticed in as less as 1 week. Remember, to lose weight in a healthy way, you should not only swim on a regular basis but you should also control your diet.

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