Advantages of staying in a Serviced Villa or Apartment at Goa   

by Pool Builders on 06-02-2010 in Articles

Goa has a soul which goes beyond the beauty of the sun, sand and sea, it goes deep into its unique history, rich culture and breathtaking natural scenery. Goa boasts about its rich culture which is a blend of Indian and Iberian European style central squares and Indian bazaars, Portuguese churches sharing their walls with Hindu temples.

It is hence rightly referred to as the " Pearl of the Orient" and is now a global hot spot for tourists round the year. The tourist has a wide choice of accommodation right from star hotels to serviced villas and apartments at Goa.

Private serviced apartment or villa accommodation offers you, your family and friends a true Goa atmosphere, more space, more comfort, more informality, more privacy, and more personal service. Renting a private villa or apartment is great value. When calculated on a per bedroom or per person basis and considering all the "extras" one has to pay in a hotel, a private villa vacation is significantly cheaper than staying at a luxury hotel or resort.

Expenses for food and drink, snacks, laundry, printing and faxes etc. are charged at cost and therefore much lower compared to a hotel where they can easily double or triple your bill. Staying at a serviced villa or apartment at Goa also offers you the flexibility of cooking and eating your own food at your own time irrespective of the fixed restaurant timings in most hotels. Most serviced villas and apartments at Goa have fully furnished kitechens with utensils, microwave, refrigerator and even gas.

Most of the vacation rental properties at Goa are close to the beach and even have an in house swimming pool apart from all modern amenities including TV and Wifi connectivity. They do offer a gated and secured complex with round the clock security as well

Serviced villas and apartments at Goa also offer a flexible check in and check out timing and normally charge on the night stay rather than the 12 Noon deadline most hotels follow. Most properties offer a pick up and drop to the airport at Goa and the Railway station.

All in all a serviced villa or an apartment is a good option for a Goa tourist as compared to a stay in a Hotel at Goa

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