Advantages to Buying Round Above Ground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2012 in Articles

Having your very own pool in your backyard for you and your kids to enjoy whenever you like is wonderful, especially in the warm summer months. Above ground pools are a great option to consider, since they are so much less expensive than in-ground pools. You don't have to be a pool expert to install one, and you also don't have to commit to a permanent pool fixture in your yard. You can choose whatever size fits your property, and you can even disassemble it if you decide to change its location or move to another home.

Variety of Sizes

The great thing about above ground pools is that they easily fit into most backyards. These pools come in a variety of sizes and depths. The size of your backyard will determine what size pool you will be able to fit. In general, round above ground pools range in size from anywhere between 18 feet in diameter to 27 feet in diameter. Standard sizes are 15', 24' and 27'.

Round pools are great because they supply a larger swimming area than other shapes. In addition, they are self-supporting, and are very easy to install. An easy way to see what size round pool will fit in your yard is to drive a stick in the ground where the middle of the pool would be. Afterwards, fasten the end of a measuring tape to the stick, and walk out with it and around the stick to see what size will fit best.

Above ground pools will not provide you with a deep-end for diving, but they are deep enough for you to fully submerge yourself, splash around, and even swim a few laps. Although some above ground pools come in shallow depths, such as 3 feet, you will get more enjoyment from an above ground pool that is 52" in depth. Deeper above ground pools also look better aesthetically.

Placement and Installation of Round Above Ground Swimming Pools

Round above ground pools are incredibly easy to install, and can even be disassembled and taken down when not in use or when relocating. Start off by selecting the perfect spot for your pool in your yard by taking the necessary measurements. Consider a spot that has lots of sun to help keep the water warm, or a spot that doesn't get too much wind.

After the ground is prepared for the pool, you can begin to assemble your pool yourself or with help. Putting these pools together is easy when you purchase a complete pool kit from a reputable pool manufacturer.

Pool Kits

High quality pool kits, such as those sold by, come with everything you need to install your pool quickly and easily. They generally come with the following elements and components:

-Structural elements, such as steel coping, resin seat caps and joint plates, steel wall, and steel uprights;
-Return inlet;
-Sand filter system complete with a filter, pump, and hoses;
-Heavy gauge 20 mil non-embossed vinyl pool liner;
-A-Frame pool ladder with lock-in-place capabilities for safety.

Buying from will ensure that you get only the highest quality pool kit elements for your round above ground pool. They offer a 25 year manufacturer warranty on their pools, as well as free lifetime customer support. Not only that, but they also provide free shipping so you can have your pool shipped right to your home at no extra cost!

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