Adventure Peak  

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Hours: Open 9:00 to 9:00 Monday through Saturday
Open 9:00 to 6:00 on Sunday
Prices $6 per child €" adults are free
Location: 7700 York Ave South, Edina Minnesota
Parking: Free on site parking
Coupons: none available at this time

Edinborough play park contains adventure peak, the great hall and a swimming pool. Adventure Peak is a three story climbing and play structure designed for kids from toddler to middle school. The structure has a north woods theme, complete with a €tree' to climb. The climber has slides, canyons a look out area and tunnels for kids to play inside. This large structure has different kinds of slides so kids can enjoy a variety of ways to get from one level to another. Parents are encouraged to play with their kids and the structure is strong enough for a full sized adult to climb in and play, though some areas may be a bit of a tight squeeze. Several of the slides are internal within the structure so the kids can disappear into the climber and not be seen again for quite some time. The room itself has doors in and out, but there is not a security system to ensure children leave with the person who brought them. Kids are required to have an adult with them to play in the park. Socks are required to play in Adventure Peak. There is also a special toddler area designed for younger kids. This area includes a small bouncy area. Toddlers can climb, slide and tumble in their special area.
The great hall is a large open play area with scooters, balls and a bouncy house. There is not supervision provided by Edinborough play park so parents are required to be present in all play areas. This area is a great place for kids to run and use up some extra energy. The scooters are small plastic chairs mounted on squares with wheels. They are very popular and kids may have to wait their turn before they get one. The great hall is included in the admission price for Adventure Peak. The great hall is open at the same times as adventure peak unless a special event has been planned.
The swimming pool is an additional fee and is a large open pool with no slides. Some floating toys are available, but not many. No lifeguards are on duty so kids should be able to swim or have direct adult supervision.
Edinborough play park is a great location to take kids during the long Minnesota winters. They can run and play for hours and really enjoy themselves. The two play areas have seating available for the adults and there is wifi available as well.

Tips for Visiting Adventure Peak
1. Don't forget to bring socks, but if you do they can be purchased on site
2. Bring your own snack and beverages as there are no restaurants etc available on site
3. There are vending machines that sell snacks and beverages
4. Bring something to pad the seating as the seats are very hard and uncomfortable after awhile
5. Come early in the day to avoid large crowds

Adventure Peak is a favorite of families with grade school and younger kids. Older kids will quickly get bored at this attraction. The park is a wonderful place to take kids during the long winter months or on a rainy day.

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