Advice For Winterizing Your Swimming Pool For The Winter

by Pool Builders on 10-18-2010 in Articles

In the autumn it's a sensible idea for everyone that owns a swimming pool to make sure they protect it from the cold winter by closing their pool. This process is often called winterizing your pool. There are a number of different reasons that you should winterize your swimming pool. There are two main reasons to shut your pool down for winter, the first being to help keep the water in the pool as clean as possible so that you don't have to put a lot of effort in to opening your pool in the spring time. It is also necessary to make sure that your pool equipment is protected from the cold weather, this is because frozen water can cause a lot of damage. When the water in your pool freezes it expands and this can cause cracks in filters and pumps. When the time comes to use your pool again you may find that there are leaks in the pipes and your other equipment does not work.

If you are shutting down your swimming pool for the winter the first thing that you need to do is to make certain you have balanced levels of total alkalinity, calcium hardness and pH. Balancing the water in this way will help to protect the pool's surface from etching and staining. By using a winter swimming pool chemical kit will help to keep the water in your pool looking blue and clear ready for the summer.

If you are getting ready to close your swimming pool for the winter then you might find these tips useful.

It is a good idea to reduce the level of the water so that it is below the entrance to the filter and pump. This will stop water from going into the cleaning system while it is not being used. This helps as it prevents water from getting into the plumbing where it might freeze, expand and cause plastic pipes to crack creating leaks. This will also protect the pump and water filter from becoming damaged by frozen water, which will cause you to have to buy replacement parts.

Make sure that you have cleared out all of the water from your pump, heater, plumbing and filter. You can typically drain your filter by pulling out the plug at the bottom of it. It is important to remember to open the air valve so that all the water flows out. Do the same to drain the pump and when it is drained turn it on for a second to get the last trickles of water out. You need to remove any chemicals from the feeder as these will damage your equipment.

You need to take off your summer swimming pool cover and use a pressure washer to clean it although be careful with older covers as the pressure washer could damage it. Get out your winter cover and place this on the water so that it keeps out any leaves or rubbish that might fall into it. If you have children or pets you might want to get a winter safety cover. This type of cover has supports that will stop anyone or thing accidentally falling into the pool. Safety covers like this can save lives as a regular cover will simply become entangled in a normal cover which could result in them drowning.

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