Affordable North Cyprus Hotels and Villas  

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Although only a small place, North Cyprus certainly has a lot of variety to offer when it comes to accommodation. There's all manner of exotic hotels and villas to choose from, with options for hotels also including adult only or family friendly. The cherry on top is that the majority of these establishments are really very affordable too, with great deals that don't sacrifice on quality.

Four and Five Star Hotels available in North Cyprus

Choosing a hotel/villa is one of the most difficult parts of planning a holiday, especially if looking for specific things and trying to keep within a budget. This is made easier to handle when it comes to North Cyprus, as many of the hotels are 4 - 5 star and provide great facilities along with a prime location that either puts you a stone's throw from the beach or town centre, and always surrounds you with magnificent views.

A good example of the kind of hotel is the LA Hotel and Beach Resort, which is a glamorous 4 star establishment that includes a swimming pool, restaurants and more, while also sitting on the silky white sands of an alluring coastline. The prices for this, as offered by specialist tour operators to the destination, Direct Traveller, start at just 349 per person, based on two people travelling for 7 nights, with flights, B&B, transfers and a rep service all included.

In the historical and beach embellished region of Famagusta there's the five star Arkin Palm Beach Hotel. Luxuriously located beach front, with sophisticated dining and a hypnotically blue pool, you would expect high costs, though with Direct Traveller you can book the Palm Beach from just 475, which is a price that includes free half board service, along with the flights, taxes and duties, reps and complimentary transfers.

For families the four star Pia Bella Hotel is perfect. It is situated in central Kyrenia, near to eateries and bars. There's the chance to feel a connection with the culture and local life staying here, and the two swimming pools, gardens and open buffet just add to the hotel's allure. The prices for this start at a mere 325, which once again includes flights, transfers, reps, taxes and duties and breakfast.

While prices will of course vary depending on the tour operator you book with and when you book, this shows how affordable many of the hotels in this region can be.

Private Villas for North Cyprus Holidays

Sometimes a villa makes the perfect choice for a holiday, as it allows for more privacy and is great for accommodating those travelling with a family or in a big group. There's no less choice either when it comes to finding one in North Cyprus, and similarly to the above, the villa prices are also very affordable while at the same time maintaining the lavishness of more expensive accommodation.

The Villa Lorane in particular is a self catering villa located within the region of Kyrenia, in the historically rich Esentepe that is extremely close to the famous Turtle Beach. The price for this starts from just 349 once again, and includes flights, complimentary transfers, taxes and duties and travel representatives.

Hotels and Villas Available for Tailor Made Holidays

The variety in affordable accommodation in North Cyprus makes deciding to have a tailor made holiday a lot easier too, with flexibility in finding your requirements within a budget. If booking with companies such as Direct Traveller, who specialize in tailor making holidays for customers, then you could choose to perhaps stay in a hotel in Kyrenia for one week, and then another in Famagusta the next. Alternatively, you could specify that you'd like a villa, and give the details of the area and kinds of facilities you'd like to best suit your needs and the ideal villa can then be sourced.

A holiday to North Cyprus needn't be a stressful thing to plan. An eclectic mixture of hotels provide a plethora of facilities, entertainment, delicious cuisine, great locations and a friendly ambience cast by the traditional hospitality of the staff. For finding the cheapest deals on accommodation it's always best to consider off peak times of year such as May, and to keep an eye out for any deals that might spring up. There's no doubt though that wherever you choose to stay whilst here, you'll feel relaxed and welcomed.

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