Algae Clean-Up For Home Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-11-2010 in Articles

Be sure to have your water tested by a professional. Water balance and lack of sanitizer are the main causes of algae in your swimming pool. In this order test: Chlorine, Alakalinity and PH.

Every chemical you put in your pool has an effect on the water chemistry. For example. Adding liquid chlorine with a PH of 13 will raise your pool PH. It is necessary to add muractic acid to counter act the effect of the high PH in the chlorine. Note: Do not add acid in the same spot as the chlorine and be sure to run your filter for at least one hour after adding chemicals. This is one example of how the addition of one chemical can cause other problems.

Many "do it yourself" homeowners just add chlorine and still have algae in their pools. Most times after I am called out, I will find the PH and/or Alkalinity way out of the recommended guidelines. Just because your water is clear, does not mean it is balanced. Do you notice discoloration on the plaster? Pitting or etching of the plaster? White calcium buildup on the tile? Leaking pumps and fittings?

Some or all of these can be present even when the water looks clear. Usually due to high/low PH eating away at plaster, fittings, rubber gaskets etc. Local companies such as Bluewater Pool-Spa-Fountain can be called to test water quality and do a one time or weekly maintenance. It is best to call a professional CPO certified pool technician when you do decide to call out a pool man.

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