Algae Getting You Down? Here's How to Eliminate it From Your Pool - And Make Sure it Never Returns

by Pool Builders on 05-13-2010 in Articles

Algae is one of the most common pool service issues. For a non-complex autotrophic plant, algae sure is prevalent; it can be found in almost any body of standing water, including lakes, ponds... and swimming pools. Don't worry -- it won't harm your family or your pets, but it can discolor your pool, stain your liner and make your backyard a nasty place.

But you can eliminate algae and prevent it from coming back. Here's how.

Step One. Remove as much of the existing algae as possible using your pool-cleaning tools. Clear out the heavy concentrations, removing any visible plant matter.

Step Two. Introduce algaecide into your pool. Like the name suggests, algaecide is a chemical product that eliminates algae on contact. Add it to your pool to kill the algae; you may need to add it several times over a period of weeks to remove the infestation entirely.

Step Three. Prevent it from ever coming back. You should inspect your pool's chemical levels regularly to ensure that the water isn't becoming hospitable to algae. Make sure your chlorine level is between one and three parts per billion. You may even want to consider adding regular shock treatments to your pool to keep the chemical levels in balance. And make sure your pH level is roughly 7.4 at all times.

Step Four. Look for dead algae. Dead algae doesn't look like live algae. If you've completed all of the above steps and still find some white or gray material hanging in the water or laying at the bottom of the pool, don't worry; this is what dead algae looks like. Just use your pool vacuum and your skimmer to clear it out so it doesn't clog your filter.

Step Five. Clean out your filter. There will undoubtedly be some dead algae inside your filter; backwash it to make sure you get it all out.

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