Algae in Swimming Pool - Prevention and Elimination

by Pool Builders on 05-12-2009 in Articles

Algae in swimming pool water is a very common problem almost all pool owners will face at one time or another. This especially true if your pool is surrounded by trees or in an active weather area. Winds and rain can bring in leaves and other debris that are host to algae and other organisms that love to grow in water systems such as swimming pools.

If you're all ready battling algae in swimming pool water, then I'll explain what I feel is the best method to get rid of it in a chlorine based environment.

Firstly, you'll want to brush and vacuum as much algae as possible, by hand, before adding any chemicals. This will allow the chemicals to work far more effectively since there won't be as much algae to fight.

Next, you'll want to shock the pool using a chlorine based shock treatment. It's best to do this at night when there isn't so much "life" around, meaning bugs and other organisms have gone to sleep and are less likely to disturb the shocking process.

The amount of shock typically used to kill off algae in swimming pool water is around 1 bag per 10,000 gallons of water. If in doubt, be sure to read the recommended dosage suggested by the manufacturer.

While shocking the pool your filter should be on, and should stay on for 24 hours a day. Because you are effectively killing algae it'll be important to keep an eye on your filter and clean it out fairly often as the algae gets caught, clogging up the system.

If after 24 hours the problem doesn't seem to have cleared up, repeat the process outlined above.

After the algae has been removed be sure to vacuum and skim the remaining dead algae the filter didn't catch.

Algae in swimming pool water comes about because of poor chemical maintenance. This is why it's very important to test the water frequently using a pool testing kit. I suggest using a liquid one as in my experience they seem to be far more accurate.

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